Sunday, September 30, 2012

harvest moon twin visions


My first vision was after the new moon.

Part of a regular Monthly ritual,

At my feet was a large parchment laid flat.

I thought it was a hide cleaned to make a map.

There were no lines or drawings on it.

As I examined its surface and noticed a discoloring.

Dark spot spreading

wrinkle in the light

bursting into glow

Fire expands

Always growing out

Flaring up, rising

smoke blows away

Ember gives way to ash

Pale white cinder ghost remaining

tiny red glows franticly race on the fringe

the edge of air and energy leaving the scene.

It was raining the day and night of the full moon.

I was joining in on a special effort.

My first time with this particular working and wording.

A Unity Rite, it was suggested that it be done as healing .

What I saw in pouring out these waters and making these prayers was an inversion of my inner vision of the spreading fire of the new moon.

Dropping water wishes washing down and flowing under

Trying to find bottom, puddle bridge connecting, coming together

Liquid weight displaces and fills the hollow empty spaces, till there are none left

Spreading out level and flat it finds its limit and rises slowly along the rim.

Inching its way up, It’s volume is contained, is held and supported by a greater vessel.

Too big to carry around all the time, you can dump a lot into and out of the magic pot.