Friday, March 8, 2013

molesting serpents

planaria image

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I find myself responding in a squirmy revulsion to some things.

One of those is the attitude that  things have no worth or reason to be unless they serve you.

Most of our Knowledge of nature and life around us is based upon what we can eat or make use of.

An exploitive arrogance that is our collective blind spot, distorting our perceptions of our surroundings .

The world can no longer be experienced genuinely as it presents itself,, instead it is here to serve us, to please or bring profit.

The limbless they live inside a Placemid gard worldtreeThey wiggle and writhe making their way about in a space that is inaccessible to us.

There is something in the nature of there form and  the contortions  of their movement that freak a lot of folks out.

They are the embodiments of animating  will , mobile  by carefully leveraging themselves between and around .

, With the simplest of forms, and sense of direction they are masters of a world Below us and beneath us , Perhaps they are the masters within and without as well.

The maggots and worms, Serpents and Dragons all getting a bum wrap as gluttonous  monsters.

Yet who protects the treasures of the land? Who guards the wealth of the Earth? The power of Place?

Monday, March 4, 2013

Anadromous Oracle ,returning to the natal stream

Salmon of Knowledge widom of the nut

To impart the knowledge, pass on the wisdom ,transmit the essence of a thing..

It is not a matter of looking, listening and thinking.

It is a consuming and digesting of material.

The embodiment  of spirit or soul of one thing feeds and enriches others.

What is it that is going on when we smell?

and what we have a taste for?

A memory of what we liked before? what didn’t make us sick?

The streams of the senses connect to the tidal pull of the sea.

Amniotic experience, our fetal dreams.

Is it nostalgia that urges the Salmon to leave the Sea and return  to the inland streams of there birth?

The Salmon of Knowledge

How does this ancient  reclusive evasive sage gather and accumulate so much wisdom?

By eating the  abundant nuts of the Hazel of wisdom

Spirit food is transformative,

The fish with knowledge of the distant sea and the local special water ,

is changed by the substance of the local fixed place spirits seeds.

The hazel is fed by the water the earth the sun and the air.

A much different life experience than that of a mobile animal.

Yet it knows how to live and grow.

It contains in it an understanding, a seed, a message.

These nuts are externalized offspring , made to travel.

They carry with them  something of another time and another place.

Gobbled up by the Salmon of Knowledge.

……..And if its flesh should touch your lips,

You would Know, …….You would remember future and past.

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