Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Enter Strange but true a post title






The one thing that I am continually re-learning is that things are not as simple as we were lead to believe.

Our  Beliefs are an interesting construction of symbolic relationships,

Part of My Experience has been that’

All of the subjects that I am passionate about Knowing,

All of My Beliefs about a Subject,

May be wrong.

Often this makes me Love it even more.

So it is with learning ,discovery, and curiosity.

Wisdom and knowledge are accumulated sediment effected by temporal turbidity.

Every thing is more than it seems to be

We are part of the Hidden Potential that is everything.

Interrelated with unseen influences in an ever weirder and more complex  dialogue with the  Now.

On closer examination all subjects become more detailed.


As boundless as imagination may be conceptually and magically,

Truth is stranger than fiction

time and time again.

consistent oddities 

asynchronous couplings

chains of causation 

That have meaning in Our Life, Some how to some one, we wont Know.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Deciduous Dichotomy Directional Dogma

photo (2)cicada%20exoskeleton
What we choose to leave behind or what we try to cling on to.
We are confronted by cultural notions of progress. growth and development
We are introduced to a world view and survival plan  before we Know ourselves or hope to understand our potential in interacting  and experience in this life.
This is not the way of the wild, or the logic of Nature, but a crafty construct of persuasive language in a characteristically Human way, a social one, a generational one,
there are truths that are shared  with other beings of the Earth.
The living breathe
and grow UP
Looking to the Sky for Truth, and view.
It is for the most part a very atmospheric, sun ,sky, rain , time keeper, teacher from above,
The preference for the dawn and the day or the sequential ordering of thought.
When does this or that reasoning become a binary response, or primal switch of the unintelligent world within and without.
The draw of the expanding horizon.
Perhaps we mature and ripen in our own time,, in our own way.
Out grown constraints of awareness are left behind if they don’t serve us.
Much of My Neo Pagan Druids Progress is not motivated by a certainty of knowledge and control  over things,and how they come out.,
but by the commitment to try not to repeat known errors, or falsehoods, avoiding what was known to be dangerous, destructive or wreck less.
It is a path that has direction.
It builds upon experience,

Sunday, October 6, 2013

weird attractors


What are the things that bring us together?

Un aware of the other side of the Window looking in.


taking advantage of light to capture something to fill an empty inside


When does prayer become the same as wishing and wanting?

When is it about seeing yourself as part of unexpected things?

A curious reflection and reaction of Minds and Missions.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The movement of Souls

Life is a coming and going affair.

Who and what we meet and experience are a product of the  now and then.,

Souls and Animating Spirits of all Manner of things converge  and intermingle with time and space.

The shared awareness of a fresh breeze and the setting sun.

Having Chance encounters  with fellow voyagers as we make our way.

We need not be worried about a destination to recognize that the journey has been taking place, is taking place here and now.