Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ritual and Recipe , Reproduction, Religion and Repetition. Limbic Liminality,Lucidity and Liquidity

I find it is best to assume that I have an audience I am unaware of.

I find it is often a matter of who is paying or giving Me their Attention, and less to do with Whom I may be addressing.

There is something in response and responsibility, an accountability for recreation, reconstruction, and regeneration.                             The ripples that we make  return.

There are perpetuators of folk formulas of failure, repeated patterns, replicating results,

Considering control and mastery the objective in a competitive existence.

The Nature of the World, The Way of Life, The Way Things Work.

Socially reinforced behaviors and actions, Culturally  conditioned movements,groupings and gatherings take on a form of shared reality.Group Identity,collective unawareness.

A homogenization of Imagination and fantasy ,expression and conception are limited and focused on perpetuating an expectation of award or benefit.

Compounding confusion in comparison and  commercial  commodification of the cosmos, credit and credentials, the literal and liable, we are caught up in quantifying and qualifying, forgetting that we are never talking to ourselves, while others are listening

Ashokan Amplexis  Bufo Ball

Popularity is not  a rubric

Shallow . reflective  Surface

Continuations Correspondences  Collaborations, contributions Creative and Procreative.

What comes with the territory

With Love