Friday, January 23, 2015

More mystical magical Mentoring madness prompted by Popular Pagan publishing on presumably proper Spirit feeding

grazing on glass

Somehow I managed to fish the two E- mails out of quarantine just after the Solstice.

One contained a link to an article that was written well, in a simple directive sense , in a contemporary , how - to , do – it – your – self instruction book way.

I believe the Author is wiser in the ways of pleasing Editors than Spirits.

There is a strange confluence between the Spiritual path or journey and the marketing of Spiritual Guide Books.

Knowing what kind of Books sell is not the same thing as Keeping a tradition of Spiritual Guidance .

Communicating to People about communicating with Spirits is not the same as feeding select Spirits in prescribed ways and trying to understand their response.

The Practitioner has to work with uncertainty and failure,mistake,offence, developing a personal sense of proper and push.

The Publisher wants to keep publishing.

Popular is rarely proper,when applied to the public.

Yet the phenomena of  contemporary Neo – Pagan religious expression is rooted in Book culture more than ancient Folk tradition.

There is a tendency among critics to find agreement about the worst easier than recommended examples of the best.

The post punk pagan world that I took part in was harsh on the relics of establishment.

I’m not particularly proud of that now,

collectively dismissing Authors and their books as unscholarly.

As an incorporated Entity it looks at its’ world through snooty  Book goggles,

Our membership composed of comparative,critical,contributors,collective, conundrum. wanna-be Authors fed on Spirit Food they found in Book Shops.few opportunities for Community  collaboration creation.on a shrinking paranormal,New age,UFO,Psychic alternative Religion, Big foot, Ghost shelf in the few surviving box stores,

The Chasm between the reality of the Book, fiction and the page and the way things happen, The life we experience.

My advise,

expect an Acknowledging  respectful relationship to be the point.

Watch out there are few things as potentially creepy and alienating than the way we show love and expect it to be returned.

It is Your practice, allow yourself the opportunity to connect and reconnect..

Do not show the self assured attitude of a instructor or Authority but do your best to allow the preconceptions of the relationship to fade back to the momentary reality of sacrifice.

Sincerity is valued more than substance ,

This is not  about a specific relation ship with its own set of rules and propriety,but a much broader magical activity of connecting the inner self with outer beings,and possibility.

Movement, action and word are critical to ritual ceremony,

so is listening.