Wednesday, February 15, 2017

hypnogogic phenotype - hypoallergenic archetype

 involuntary reflex

patterned behavior display characteristic of a liminal drift in awareness in response to a suggestive state between rest and action.

incubatory culture

Bed time stories are psychic hygiene and social influence,  dreams and nightmares
that are a planted cultural artifact, not the expressions of the individual subconscious.
A reality tunnel, or thought channel.
It is easy to overlook the obvious.
It is difficult to ignore recurrent  unlikelihood.
Thought virus - group mind - over soul
 At what point does the imaginary become accepted as Real.,  reality imagined = imagined reality?
Fantasy defined, Magic explained?

When something is able to replicate and proliferate between beings-worlds-hosts
passed on, without  knowledge,or consent.
 an instantaneous recognition and association with perceived understanding

perpetuating passive probability induction participation,
 Agency  as a volunteer contributor within the franchise.