Wednesday, February 22, 2017

appearance-perception- characterisation- depiction

Water color of Spirit image I saw on instructional vision journey many moons ago.

Spirit Manifestation in a shared dimension of time and space cohesive, coherent,collaborative.

A different sense is being appealed to.
Things are not seen or heard as they commonly are,
authentic phantoms,or episodic hallucinations, religious mysticism . 
Mutable properties of sound and light, unperceived between the beats of the rhythm and the flow.
Contact -conjuring- confirmation


confuse control communication conflict
 cunning  creative conjunction concept
 community comfort creed context

The differences between a delusion and a spiritual vision are often revealed, by what , and how the situation is described.
Is the Vision-Voice directing,influencing action, is there threat of consequence?
 a perceived need to prove loyalty?
To deny or denounce? commitment and contract?
Consider Caution

I have been cultured to promote the appreciation and gratitude for what has been given , to try to show respect and honor for the continuance of the Tradition of Good Will- Learning. My Priestly Craft.

The guided meditation process and practice shared in the Clergy Order is a reminder,

My original proto prayer of childhood was not one of thanks, but of inquiry.- seeking guidance .
My Wild Cry of Help!
Please give me a sign!
Tell Me what to do!

Perhaps the most Pagan Truth is that the forms , shapes and descriptions of Spirit Allies changes  continuously.
Being able to discriminate between the common, and the uncommon occurrence or event is more important than associations and attributes we learn to apply to them.

critical concern collapse unconventionally close


Continuity in coincidence.

Case of the Class of contacts, called ," Court of the Sky", by Clergy.
claims, connections,disks and Moons, call for prayer.
My One Illustration, above of Vision from the Order practice, that I seldom put into words.
 Weird Winged Conscious  Cloud Witness
Complexity of minutia associations,relationships and strange connectivity beyond physical knowing.
 Hard to describe .

My Son tells Me to hold out My hand,
so he can use his augmented reality app game on his phone,
 to take a picture of Me ,
 in the car, at the grocery store,
with a character I recognized by name,
 from memory,
 from the old card game,
 We played when He was a child.
 Collecting cartoon characters for competition,
 one of My Favorites, a rare flying psychic type.
It evolves into something that reminds Me of something,
from Carlos Castaneda books I read, when I was my Son's age.

I did not see it, but it was with Me.

train to be a master

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

hypnogogic phenotype - hypoallergenic archetype

 involuntary reflex

patterned behavior display characteristic of a liminal drift in awareness in response to a suggestive state between rest and action.

incubatory culture

Bed time stories are psychic hygiene and social influence,  dreams and nightmares
that are a planted cultural artifact, not the expressions of the individual subconscious.
A reality tunnel, or thought channel.
It is easy to overlook the obvious.
It is difficult to ignore recurrent  unlikelihood.
Thought virus - group mind - over soul
 At what point does the imaginary become accepted as Real.,  reality imagined = imagined reality?
Fantasy defined, Magic explained?

When something is able to replicate and proliferate between beings-worlds-hosts
passed on, without  knowledge,or consent.
 an instantaneous recognition and association with perceived understanding

perpetuating passive probability induction participation,
 Agency  as a volunteer contributor within the franchise.

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