Wednesday, March 19, 2014

In the Margins of the Morrow, Vernal Veneration

Communication as Religion, or Religion of Communication



Is it the Rising Sun, The Dawning of a New Day,that appears above the horizon, the basic directional impulse of the European Pagan Popular optimism?

It is the Solar Journey as Death defying escape  Artist

Break out,  or emergence, back where it all began

The place of beginning, promise that is the East

Hello Again,





The practice of recognition that is the tip of the hat, the bow, or salute,

the wave, or nod of greeting is especially important start for those of us who try to resonate with a radiant hospitality principal.

Greetings and Respect  to You!

Good Day!

Exercises in Welcoming,

We have the ability to project a welcoming, or unwelcoming appearance,or Vibe

We actually make others feel our intention, friendly or unfriendly, hard or soft, hot or cold

it’s one of Our Magic Powers.

Part of a communication in the language of Spirits,

Sacrifice of our attention,

to acknowledge the presence of another.

Recognized ,  Returned

Message  Received