Monday, March 31, 2014

Longing, and Belonging

me at muin mound 98Setting is very important to Story.

It is Where the Action Takes Place.

Our Story is no different.

Where it takes place,

,The start of the unfolding of contextual referencing ,

expanded upon,.an introduction to character, and Plot development.

We are the Players responding to our Environment.

Improvising for the most part, with Scenery and Props ,

We are Familiar with,

The Acts of Other Players.

We interact with our Surroundings, Try to work with what is around Us

Longing for the Fit.

To Make it Work.

It is too easy to perceive Back Ground as the Other,

The Limitations we are trying to Free ourselves from.

Something to stand out against.,resenting circumstance or role.

Placement is Life Possibility,Opportunity Awareness.

Where We are at,has a lot to do with what We are doing,.

Consider the motive of Flower and Fruit and Fertility.

Living Space

A Place to Be.

Part of an interactive relationship,

An Exchange.

The Proper conditions ,The right Atmosphere,Temperature, Light, Mood.

It is not about Ownership or Mastery of Place,

It is not Ours By by control or contrivance.

It is  recognizing the Spirits Presence .

A Place where Spirits Dwell, within and without.

Safe and Protective by  being part of something  greater than Self.

Security not in possession or holding ,

But a Tradition of Beneficial Cooperative  Relationships, Trying to work things out over Time.

Seeking Common Ground

That is My angle on Things.

Where I’m At Now, What I am part of