Monday, April 14, 2014

Signal Recognition ,Vector Transmission,Network Direction,Proximity Parameters

Towers and Trees stretched networks

I Think Electricity has changed  Magic and Spirit ,or the Belief in Unseen Energies among People and the world around them.

Causing us to loose touch with an innate Environmental Telepathy.,A Magic Ability to Receive Knowledge of a distant Times Places,Things and Events.

The Almanac making ,flying a Key on the Kite,Post Master, Ambassador, Face on the Big Bill pushed the Animal Magnetism proponent underground over seas,Showing us how to Address one another in the New world.

Delivering to the semi Literate, a More Modern Form of the Old Keep Sake, or Memento Magic of separated Loved ones.Tokens of Meaning,Lockets and Rings,Contracts of connection,objects of remembrance.The Letter of Words was considered More Real because the results could be reproduced ,Words can be read again ,and again.

What Had once been sealed in wax and sent by private Courier amongst Nobility would be placed in an envelope For the common Folk!  distributed as a service by the Government.Shocking! Revolutionary!

What are Letters or Packages anyway but  the exchange of Peoples Wishes ,and Words.Are they much different than Prayer?

Communication and concept of community?

Post and Press taking the functions of Clerics, Scribes and Priests in a Post colonial Perception of Person and Paranormal power.

The Circuit interrupter, The Carrier,Spirit in Wire.

The Telegraph  changed the Way People accepted the reality and validity of a communication, a new sense of urgency , speed and a Seemingly Magic instantaneous  traveling of great distance,Faster than anything that can be observed,

This Spirit, This Power, This Energy that makes the Wire live

Electricity had taken over

Official Business and Popular Awareness became Technologically Driven.

Hyper conditioning our ability to reference one another and build up a consensual reality .Augmenting our Natural sense of Time and Space,How in touch we are.

The Wizard of Menlo Park was on the hot seat about his Spiritual Beliefs, Illuminating us that,Nature is the intelligence behind everything.while securing credit and patent for self.

The switch from Spiritual Mediums to a more Mechanistic understanding or Belief in how things work is based on the illusion of  Self empowerment.and the Feeling of Control we have to turn something on or off.

The Electric Light is a power trip.

The Human Nervous system is wired communication, information from the senses.

The Moving picture is Animate Life recorded on film, More of the Soul of the subject is conveyed when static limitations vanish, and light and shadow can change,capturing the Sprit, the essence of the moment .Our attention and focus are drawn magnetically  into the realm of illusion and enchantment

Time , light and sound, recorded ,reproduced and distributed for sale The Inventive Genius is no longer a disembodied companion spirit whispering in our thoughts,

but the owned product of Human Artifice.

What had been a tradition of skilled Human Mediums and simple tools, becomes a sophisticated  devise that anyone can use.

The Superstitions of the Backwoods Folk who lived in the Dark were Contrasted with those who kept up with the times.The Popular divisions between Magic and Science,

Spirit or Energy,Nature or Technology, Man and Machine. Medium and Content.

It is a  old profound Time in the Human Social Psyche  in the recent modern Age that effects what we may be expecting to experience, how we experience,and How we describe or relate experience.How Spirits Manifest, what they look and sound like.


Inner State Landscape, Interstate Scenery,Looking out the window, Driving By

patterns in Movement, expanding Cell Coverage Network ,Subtle Earth Energies

Intergenerational Migratory Memory’ The Old Route, Overgrown Roadside transition

Towers and telephone poles and Power lines, traveling thru time

Spirits likes to Travel,   always,       getting around ,                 On the Move! 

All things are responsive to Energy,  growing oriented to relative support structures around them,and within them

Jet stream, Gulf stream, World Breath, Planet Power

Everything talks to everything else, We don’t pay attention, or give it much mind.

If it is Important it will be put into Our language,Our Media,Our Network,

We have been raised to distrust direct personal experience and seek group approval, and social acceptance.

A switch from Human as Mystic model of the Macrocosm to,

Modern Market Manipulated Mobility Machine.

Communication is not promoted as an exchange between Souls,Spirit and Society,

but a means to make Sales.