Friday, April 25, 2014

peek a boo

 Me in My Urbanematon 92

I must have taken a digital picture of a print a few years ago.

Discovered while looking for something else,

It was E-Mailed to me from the computer downstairs,

to the computer upstairs.

I went up in my attic and dug into a Box of Druid papers and found the brown and crumpled page 45 of  New York Newsday,October 29th of 1993.

The Photographer of this piece uses her Name in the Paper interview,

Leading Me back down to the upstairs computer, to do a search on her Name.

Her Face book page shows up before her obituary ,she died April 11th of 2013.

I head out to the Studio, upstairs and look  in the cabinet of publishing past .

there in the 4th volume, number 6 ,                           News from the Mother Grove,

June- July 1992 c.e.,page 5 ,the credit is given as she wished to be known.

Skylark Birdwmyn took this photo when I was Young, getting into earth works and Idolatry.I had no computer then.

She came from Brooklyn to Jersey City,to do the Green Man Grove thing,

She was from Chicago, went back sometime after we lost touch.

She was a working professional character actress, recognizable by the  popular television advertisement of the time, One of a group of office women leering at some hot laborer body out the window.  Witty, Funny and Wise, I tried to get her to be the Grove Senior Druid and She flew off.

She had a strong Avian affinity that was expressed in her Obit Pic. She was very knowledgeable about Egyptian Soul concepts for a practicing Metrodruid of Polish heritage.

I have some starched string snowflakes she gave Me that come out for Solstice every year.

She has captured this formative Time,  nurtured the transformative event of Me.

Thanks to Her, all can see

I am clearly outside of the Box,

or ,I was out side of a ten gallon aquarium set on end,in a back lot of a Brownstone when people took pictures with film, and traveled out of there way to see one another,struggling to secure Sacred Space.