Monday, April 21, 2014

Actions speak louder than words

What is doing? and what Needs doing?

When does all the talking the talk,

get in the way of walking the walk?

We have the eccentric tendency to try to encapsulate religious and spiritual experience in words,Ritual Scripts,Magic Books.

The divide between what is real, and what was printed on paper,

Our step to take or not , in our mind.

We have to stand still to read it.

Stop what we are doing?

Rephrase the mystic communion of Self and Surroundings for Tourists?

Embryonic Shad

Why do we need to think about it?

Why the want of Direction !

The inherent dynamism of  Natural  needs no instructions,or explanations

Words are Human Magic.

An important tool with People and their shared beliefs, but failing to define or limit the true nature of what is trying to be conveyed’

Or Worshipped.

Language is our convenient simplification of experience .

Action is Natural ,      Feel it