Friday, May 23, 2014

sketch Ephemeral Elasticity

There is something under lying a inexplicably recurring  urge to merge,

that is Pre-Organic

Things have,

The need to get together, to gather and group,keep in touch, mix it up.

Ashokan Amplexis Buffo Americanus sketch

There is a time release magic in repetition. Annual events, Meetings,Conventions Ritualistic Behaviors.Subtle variations on a theme over Time

And relationship to Place= Meeting=Sharing= Surviving,repeat,remember

The Stead in Homestead and Steady and Instead  , the Habit in Habitat

Place, Location, Home,returning

The line and the two dimensional plane. the Surface , above and below all around

illusion and memory in broad gestures in pencil and ink.

Scribbly sort of sketch book kind of thing, before beginning the Painting,

I saw it with my own eyes, I was there ,part of the Scene when things were Happening!

I wasn’t actually involved, more of a witness than participant, yet it spawned what I am Sharing with You= Here =Now.      strange,

What Dimensional plane, what drawn line connects us?

Buying and selling Time and Space? Ideas and Ownership?

the commercialization of Experience? or the Credit or credentials associated with it?

Is that our unthinking expectation,

a social and societal reflex to think of time and money and life and worth?

Is this destructively simple and extreme response to our collectively distorted sense of Environmental influences, Anxiety,Competition,Predation,feeling externally threatened ,we become aggressive and fear about the future,a reduced range or territory we have an innate desire to seek and establish  Safe Space. a real Place. Shelter.

The difference between what you want and what you have are compounded by the observations, comparisons, and responses of others around you. particularly those that share experience in a shared space enclosure for a period of time.

so it is with Schedules and Spirits,tents and books.

A paranormal trans dimensional real estate bubble of the electronic digital age where the  Pasture is in cyberspace.The Market is on line,a psychic spiritual contact on computer.

Altering our generational courtship call,  Triggering our nesting habits,life cycles,Feeding Behavior? Consumer Habits.Returning, repeating,remembering

Our ability to travel, go on vacation and have a good time are not the same economic functions as seasonal herding and crop work , People Movements, were determined by the needs of their livelihood Nature,

Spirits of Niche.Spirits of Migrations and Miles and Months returning year after year part of a continual process of gradation, subtle change, not sudden change.

Observed experience not controlled experience.

Again and again     The Summer is Out !