Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Surface Sensitivity, Tactile Telemetry


The essential point of contact between Ourselves and all that is Other, or Outer is a Personal and sensual response to pressure.

Impression and impact of our being and our actions on all the things around us.

The consequences of our doing, controlling the cause and effect as best we can to try to feel a direct genuine experience of the  reactions of Others.

To care about the feelings of Others, to sense The presence of another .

This is Communion, an energetic response of awareness and witness,

Promoting Respectful Encounters

Honoring Response is not the same as seeking approval

It is not as simple as what turns you on, or turning on another,

It lies in the  difference between tickling and trampling, Stroking and poking .sharing or stealing.Chancing and cheating .

It is not about pursuing  pleasure, or seeking satisfaction.convenience or control.Service and expectation.popularity or prestige.

It is being opposed to the violation of Touch and Truth,

A passionate  sanctity of fair play ,a good game ,a real Life , an Honest Experience.

Belief outside of our Self and our self interests.

Knowing that Others do not exist to serve us.

It is our ability to charm and be charmed that builds relationship.

Acknowledging  transference, our transitional Natures, the Power of Love

Mingling, Merging,Mixing

The discovery of Hidden Beauty within 

Moving Magic of Moment.



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