Thursday, July 10, 2014

Make Believe and the Belief of Making Soul Sky Soil Skill

Me in Tree

Funny, that the roots of my practice may be in Games as much as Greens.

Life and what we Make of it.

Fate,Chance, Luck and Drama, the belief that there are unseen Directors, Weird Rules, foreshadowed Outcomes.

Playing Dice and Cards,Imaginary Friends,Show and Tell  .Crafting a good Time.

  The experiences of  youth are more relevant , more supportive of the Magic that We share today than Ancient Belief, Popular Occult Fantasy,or Fragmentary Post pagan Secularists and Social Media.

There is a difference between Illusion and deception, our Play acting and who”s having fun ; or wanting to have Fun,who is fooling who and why? Claiming to Know or be what you are not

Role Playing Games put an emphasis on character development,through situational challenge,Defeating adversaries,getting Treasure.

self Improvement is Self Centered in that it seeks Reward or recognition.

The Desired Outcome or Goal is a Wish we make.and seek assistance with.

Free Study Programs and Clergy Credentials have changed the emphasis on the selfless Sacrifice as Sacred Giving, to Service to Societal expectation and organizational Administration.A  Spectacle, A Race, A Contest or worse,

A reversal of polarities, providing and provisions Imagination,A Crisis of Hosting.

Expectation and the means to make it happen.  The Need for a  Thousand voluntary  Heroes, Hundreds of Game masters and referees,Teams, Clubs, Leagues.

Sport and Art

Out on a limb,

Hanging with the hopeful fruit,


My Self, am not an Apple.

Still playing Spiritual Hide and Go Seek!


Tree and Me

My Toes in the Tree  , Attention getting Me