Monday, July 14, 2014

The Wisdom of the Innocent

The ability to see the Future is not as unusual as the ability to Share unwanted News without consequence for the Medium.

There is great Psychic power in Not Knowing

Not Pretend understanding, Honest Fooling around that leads to Discovery.


Mini sees

How that Discovery is applied,How the Vision is Manifest, is Where the notion of Mastery,Controller, Director, Distributer empower/ exploit the Simple, Raw Talent',

Framing, presentation,Message, meaning

The Old Guild Gangs, intelligentsias ,Smarty Pants know it all's ,

thought full rationalists,Art Snobs, Myths of Meritocracy and social institutions.

Interpreters , Learned Folk

“ Why not Excellence?”man%20walking

Healthy Natural Activity should be Work and Play.

I feel that it is the same with the Supernatural and Spiritual.

Like Breathing. Keep it Safe and Respectful,

Jugglers of goal oriented endeavors and balanced Awareness of the immediacy of the Moment , and enjoying it.

The peculiar contributions of the many unique Others around us.

Paranormal Economics  is not a simplified self directed shell game, getting what you ask for.

The Joke is in the Clueless,

Finding the Humor in the Game