Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Improbability and Contact

Humming Bird time out

There was a time when shooting stars, Hummingbirds and Fairies were things others saw, I would just miss the moment…..

I wonder if my questioning of their existence drew them out to Me, the rarity of the encounter insuring it’s Special or Sacred communication, or association and relationship.

They did not present themselves to Me because I believed in them or even looked for them. 

Eventually when  I  do see them,  and I may have instinctively pointed,

A Pantomime to alert others may take place.

My Eyes remain locked on the Subject.

Till  gone from sight.

This was not about the Summoning or Stalking  of Magical Associates.

It is Their choosing to reveal themselves at that Place and Time that makes the encounter significant.

Spirits  in Transit, Blessing in passing

It is not a fixed and rigid Order, understanding or relationship that is counted on or built up, It is the significance of the special shared fleeting moment.

The Magic is in the truth of the experience.

Beginnings and Endings all around us, all the time.

Exotic pollinators, Migrations of Souls,Catalysts of Contact



Visiting Briefly, Baby Bird