Sunday, September 14, 2014

Suggestion for Daily Dedicant Mental Training

Begin and end each day or night with mindful breathing and a moment of Self comfort and calm.with a small drink of Water.

Toast the marriage of Spirit and Form Our Living Bodies are,

Basic Meditation is the ability to control or manipulate our own thinking and thought .

It is a developed awareness of our Self control, our ability to breathe and swallow.

fundamentally related to what we take in or accept.

This simple daily devotional is not an affirmation of belief in any thing more than our ability to breathe and drink and find peace within ourselves sometimes.

It is a personal living relationship between our thoughts and our being.

A minor ritual of self recognition and habit of self control that is more hygienic than ceremonial.

Part grooming instinct, Part mind game - it is the psyche and the flesh,

It is the required comfort,

A micro-meditation in the bathroom with a sink.

A momentary silence , a pause or stretch,                    close eyes

Wisdom grows

Take note on the inhale that this simple yet fundamental relationship, caring bond between our lungs and the air, the satisfaction of release in the exhale.

Inhale deeply and fully as best as you can manage with the thought of your self.

Your expanding chest, your beating heart, letting the breath go, free – invisible-  air

Passing through us all the time.

Make contact with the Water, breathe, feel and -if you can- taste the air and the water while thinking of your Self, your own wellbeing.

Refreshment, relief, flowing blessing, caregiving sustainer Water

You can drink it up,  feel its movement in your body, conclude with an exhale, and the knowledge that you are a vessel or container, made up of many things. Open your eyes

The Hazel knows

This simple devotional is not full of complex imagery and Cosmic Models.

The Spirit we are recognizing or honoring is the spirit of life itself in our form.

Before we can venerate, meditate, worship or ponder the great mysteries we need to acknowledge the wonder in being naturally part of it all.

A preliminary for days and dreams.

Morning and Night, book ends

Honoring our ability to perceive what we cannot always see, but can trust to feel what keeps us alive.