Thursday, December 31, 2015

to be continued

There is something going on when we compare Cycles, Seconds  Hours, Days, Years,
that creates an inner dimension as an internal abstract memory ,precise points of reference collected some where in the mass of grey matter behind our eyes.
 Space Vision, Star Gazer wonder, Constellation constructing , connecting the dots
Perception of Time forces a linear one way flow,that Our Life Experience is suspended in.
Path ways for energy-thought-feeling                          Spirit       transformers, capacitors

Sunday, December 27, 2015

transdimensional togetherness

Telepathic technology testing

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Friday, December 18, 2015

influenced by the energetic field of a distant body

Star light
Touching us from impossible distances
How bizarre that we posses  an organ sensitive to the existence of some thing so far away.
That we can perceive it's  energy                .It's non physical self.
We spot it from it's action, it's path, It's uniqueness of movement,arrangement orientation.
Our Lucky Stars!

We know what it looks like to the eye,  but beyond appearance how does This long traveled visible light stimulate our mind-spirit-soul?
What is it that attracted the prolonged attention -observation collections of relationships that was Ancient Astrology.
Patient tracking of the movements of the lights. in the dark,over the nights ,months and years the consistent collection of that information. The focus, the attention,the caring , observational practice.
The reference and reverence, cult of abstract spatial reasoning with the untouchable other, often expressed concretely as monumental calendar landscape alignments
To go to so much trouble, to build  such elaborate collective repository of information on the activities of tiny lights  in the night sky, is devotional art representing what we can't physically grasp and hold on to.
 Our taking part in relative movement..part of a moving - living body that is part  of greater moving- living body moving,  mind blower,brain builder,psychic antenna tuner,connective consciousness nexus.
Not just an expression of patience and attention span but the overall awareness being developed in the Human nervous system, transforming us as a group with  astral influence, transmission from far  outside,beyond the known world, an intelligence from afar,. A model  made from in the mind,
 a seed from the sky.
What  weird signals from outer space drove the ancient cult of Time and Space, Cosmic clocks and Celestial Order?
Destiny and wishes..
leaders and followers
Communication and circulation
Cycles and centers

Self in Season..
what is stationary? what is still?
Inner cosmology reflective of the practice of observing the heavens
Odd and ungrounded
 like the Mistletoe
it is above us
over our heads
rooted in our being

Thursday, December 17, 2015


Maybe it is all in My Head,.
Phantom antenna receiving signals.
This perception of revolutionary axial symmetry .
I think I heard it in lyrics of a song on the radio.

“We are not the Lock. or the Key,but the turning.”
intersecting gyres
The Painting I made is not My Idea.
It was inspired by the writing Of W.B.Yeats,
Who got the Idea from his Wife's automatic writing,
channeled from ascended Masters.
So, I guess It is Their Idea,
I wonder….
Is the Idea something that is not about beginning and end,
It’s qualities not expressed as a matter of definition and containment, ownership, but it’s movement from one to another.
A radiant Energy Vibration, a response
The Source of our thoughts ,outside of our Mind.
Our Awareness. a place outside of our physical skull.
We experience out of Body sensations ,normally in our waking routine

Our Attention ,Our Focus , Our Passion responding to the light of day

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

People and Placement - My response, to the question ,about the ultimate disposition of Our founding Arch Druid

My friend the old head  

There is a split between the Personal  Spiritual communication- connection We Honor ,Work and Love,

and Our Habits, customs,practices, traditions and beliefs we learn and share with others.

Our Language, Our systems of understanding, World view, notions of reality,

Things that seem very intimate and personal to us, are in fact not Our Own.

It is not Our property, It is not Our Ideas,It is not Our discovery.

We, the living, only share,

  and know,     there is  Conflict in claiming.

Who is the Head of the governing Body ? are their thoughts , opinions ,

memories truly their own?

Can they speak for themselves?

To the best of My memory,The current Arch Druid Announced that he had received Material from the Widow of the founding Arch Druid,on one or two of it’s many E- lists.

Bone fragments of the Father of the Cyberhenge  and Author himself.

Everyone wanted a little piece of Him.

I composed a reply ,to the thread, in which I suggested that the “ fragments of the founder” be individually scanned ,bagged and numbered, named.

These pieces should perpetually  be considered the property of the Religious organization,

They could be shared, if safely kept, and unaltered. Like a Library Book,

enshrined relics for display. inspired by the temporary housing ,not the possession and ownership of the object.

There was no reply

I built  and fired two big porcelain skulls that could have served as containers, that would have nested inside a wooden Head of the Founder, that could have been a monument, if the Religious organization actually owned a piece of land to keep it on.

Our ability to Direct our focus  , Move our awareness,  Give of our attention,

is Life Sacrifice.

Keep your wits about you.

If I remember correctly ,The current Arch Druid posted that He had taken it upon himself to let  the remains go privately ,to some special ,scenic place, in some public park ,

somewhere out West.

There should be something on the organizations extensive Web site, The sort of sacred space  Our Own Druidism has invested in!

I don’t think any remains were deposited at the closing memorial for the Founding Arch Druid at the Gathering that hosts the Members Meeting.

That Place, Our Old Sacred Center seems to have grown from a recreational seasonal exhibit operator at a Neo-Pagan Theme Park. A place where the Religious Organization’s collected Hopes and Dreams have met the cool squishy Mud.

Lots of bodies ,lots of heads, in a clothing optional place of pilgrimage,home of the east coast’s biggest Pagan Party.

Playing , Community, Tribe and Family , Cultural Festivals,conventions and gatherings, Hosting,event organizing,Religious organizing, Hub of a larger Social Scene .

The Location and the Organization, Head counting, an emphasis on commercializing Festival , Vendor, Exhibitor ,Space. and competing for scheduling and attendance,Time and Traffic.

Again claiming

To possess, own and occupy are inherently divisive , extractive means of distributing  energy of the commons to the individual consumer.A comodifying of the Two dimensional plane,   The Land !       Mapping is recognizing artificial boundaries and divisions. Systems of Humans, not the order of nature, or life forces of the Earth,

It is about Human control, a renting of space from which you hope to earn a livelihood, or camp is an expectation. This is  not the collective pooled resource being celebrated or defended. It seems to have strayed from the Pot Luck Pagan , Stone Soup Spirit.of collective , collaborative, creative sustenance into a social economic system and strata.

A sense of “Special” and “Service”  that was more Market than Magic or Mystic.

It was in that kind of Environment that the organization’s Dedicant program was dreamed,decided and developed, The notion of getting or giving Credit.

Apparently the Organization has been renting a Shed that acts as our Museum for a number of years.

I think this started happening with the fourth Arch Druid,

who got Me back up to that Place , That Sacred Space,the last time over ten years ago

where I was Ordained as Clergy,

where I was anointed Chief Artificer, by the Founding Arch Druid ,Ten Years before that.

Where The Private Property Owner, the Founding Arch Druid and I made that a special spot.

It was not claimed for the organization

it was claimed for a function

A Sacred Depository , a Holy interface, a space that was not Ours to claim as our own. In the Earth Mother We Trust.

Now that the second Arch Druid, the Vice Arch Druid that the Founding Arch Druid turned the office over to, has developed  His Private Sacred  Space, the Gathering which hosts the annual Members Meeting may take place there, the Clergy retreat has for years.I slept on the floor of His Home, in front of the fireplace at the only Clergy retreat I have attended, many years ago where I was given a Stole embroidered with My name , contract manufactured by the current Arch Druid.

I learned from a on line-list poll on preferred dates for the next Clergy retreat, from  some newish Clergy who I don’t know.

She will not be attending the  next retreat ,as She has committed to organizing the main ritual at a private pagan,( invitation only) Gathering, that is taking place ,ridiculously near My out of the way home,  at the Center, that I am, an off site – on call instructor for their educational programs.

I doubt that the current Arch Druid may have pieces of our founder stashed away in his Sacred enclosure- Bed and Breakfast , that has a crowd sourced shrine to a liminal God concluding it’s drive for contributions.

He has just announced He will not seek a new term as Arch Druid, He will pass on the Arch Druids Sickle , held in it’s leather sheath ,I hand  painted, to a new Head of our organization , A new Arch Druid to be nominated ,elected and installed somewhere.

Where is the White Beret of the Founder?

Where does the Organization keep what it values?

Perhaps fund raising is the main function of a  not for profit religious organization as was suggested at the last board of directors retreat.

Praying at the Altar of Commerce?

Is that what a Professional Priest Does?

collect contributions for the cause?          pass the Hat around?