Wednesday, January 27, 2016

immaterial witness ,substance of spirit, shape of memory, formless essence

A  social magical inoculation takes place at young age on the cusp of our memory.
Something involving -opportunity-access-attention-repetition-
A deeply rooted relationship with our senses, the way we feel and the way we think.
Somehow we know what we like.
Somehow like things come together-collect-assemble-arrange stimulating each other.
It is not the specifics of the systems ingredients combination, or dosage, but the frequency of interaction that triggers the response , catches our attention.-holds our interest
Focus-Fun is a fluid constantly changing moving Energy release  .
It is a Human Craft, It is Our Fire, It must be fed, It's Glow. warmth a product of the hidden power hidden within the twigs and branches that are
Momentary           Food
.Definition and form are ash and dust
Temporary containers
What is left behind after the party is over, the rules and instructions are not as vital as the  enjoyment shared .