Monday, February 1, 2016

persuasion power,popular entertainment , magic/ fantasy/ imagination,,corporatism ,creativity, ownership, role playing, character creation,magical influence.

water color work in progress ,remotely viewed hydro-electric generator  in near by High falls
Power Flow
My earliest language- culture associations are those of My Home Land, which flew up into Space,and those of the popular musicians on the radio from over the sea.
Accent is special attention and place emphasis in communication qualities, spatial associations, 
closeness- distance 
what is meant, what is understood.
Not what is said, but how it is said.
 Authentic inventive genius
Clever source 
creative expression
Magic and the Art of Making
More than a quality transferred in sounds of voices, recording of music, crossover of  Medias, management and development of Artists of many specialties and talents, directing vectors,products, Markets.
It was not the screening  of the Films in the Theaters but the many repeat broadcasts on Television in My Magical innocence of  developing child hood - skinny dipping in the Pool of the popular imagination

Big Budget Musical fantasy's based on the writing of English Authors 
 Stories about a Magical flying  car or,a Chocolate Factory.
Technology and taste, the soul of artifice.
More authentically Mythically  resonant in their fictional storybook characters than the animated depiction of  Merlin produced by the local Studio turned fantasy kingdom.
My Father briefly worked for that corporate empire after the name sake had passed beyond and had created a World on the East coast after his Land in the West..
Painting animatronic  characters for " It's a small World after all " destined for the new   Park location in Tokyo.
I don't think My Dad lasted a Year , but the stories of what the company was, versus what the public believed them to be,        applied Magic.           Illusion,       Enchantment,           Charm
in a most bogus way
A fake accent.

I was in High School when the Popular Fantasy Film that built up to a  sequel trilogy, then prequel Franchise Family of inter related  themed characters and settings and interactions as applied to all aspects of the story,film,merchandise.
My Son is in High School as the Galactic Battle for Balance of the Force has been purchased by the Multi media entertainment giant his Grand Father worked for, and releases number seven of a interrelated nine Film Projects.
He has access and knowledge of these Worlds through Gaming as much as Cinema or Publications.
He is of a digital wireless World, coming of age with a hand held screen devise connecting him instantly to almost anything,anywhere anytime .Interactive  attractive accessible Light, Intelligence. He is coming from a different place than I did as a child before video recording, or the age of Television of My Parents ,or Radio of My Grandparents,
or the stories before writing of my Old Ancestors
The Dusty VHS cassettes that I treasured and collected, trophy's of a technology passed bye.
A Fan of the Fantastic
Genuine Family
in Electro-Magnetic Space
arrangements of concentrations of oxidized metal  particle bands deposited on long strips of plastic film that recorded time.
A fragmented but undeniable connection exists between the repackaging of Myth and Archetype as Product.
The story is copyrighted, its characters,their world set firm , legally owned and protected property- not the common property-shared resource of the Folk-Pagan-Fan- Public Domain
 When Life imitates Art
Has the concept of  Convention and  Gathering  Centers been channeled directed and managed into being a business, or not being?
Is it the standard  Business of Self Help- Spiritual well being that the customer is always right?
How does one cultivate the realness of sharing an appreciation for the Sacred in a pay per view  or you tube World?
 When does the Managing and directing of collective volunteer  creative contributions take away from the genuine  Purpose and goals of the group?
Does trying to run a group effort, or control group creative energy put one in the awkward  position of rejecting and qualifying novelty and fun in spontaneity?to conform to a reasonable expectation of results?
An Economics of appreciation for  effort and contributions,suggested donations,directed giving.
Positive and negative based on availability and supply complete with ground in Irritable responses to interrupting impulse control , disqualifying or validating the spiritual contribution of another, Magic pressure
stress,creative compression, particularly among those that believe they can look it up in their Monster Manual,or describe and legislate a fund raising body research committee.
When does Fantasy System Belief overtake reality simulation as the original function of Gaming.?
When does an ancient language culture story telling devise of conflict and competition become the basis of Government,
Media informing the electorate with expensive private advertising,a bewildering confusing sponsorship of spectacle in the age of Selfies and social media immediacy ,coronation of corporate comic book influence. fighting for your attention,battling for your vote
Belief, Truth, Fairness,,Fashion-ability of a popular notion of what is dark or light, good or bad,Left or right the way things work ,how the game is played.or how you cheat and break the rules.

Is the accent on Wonder, Hope, Unexplained Magic?or controlling Magic, and the magical perception of others? seeking recognition from an imaginary cultural tribe of your own definition. engineering  possibility, selling spiritual  escapism as a social magical entertainment safe place of your own making, pre-developed .real estate for the limiting of imagination and marketing of product comfort services.There can be no trade mark on Dreaming, No copy right on the recipe of the Fantastic, No holy ownership of the process of Hero Making., adventure Journey story.