Wednesday, February 3, 2016

To continue- to Care , Cleaning,Feeding ,

 but  unbinding block, on table with Rock Academy play bill, New Yorker subscription and Polish Chocolates
Painting progression energy movement lines and shadow  occupying space, multi dimensional representation on new
Artists are not the only beings that fuss about the arrangement or compositions of their chosen area and focus.
All Living things,
Animals, Plants, Micro Biology of all sorts actively engage with and manipulate their immediate surroundings!

How aware We are of Our Habits,or Life's Habits is the beginning of Social- Nurturing-Hygiene.
Signals are shared between differing life forms through their excrement and respiration.
Smell seems to be the sense most  effective and Magical in perceiving incredibly minute essence of something beyond time and space.
This is the same Psychic telepathy we have naturally up our nose,
 as an insect has with it's antennae on it's head.
The most normal of our paranormal abilities
Olfactory -smell/taste associations that are beyond the normal space reference that we perceive in what we hear or see in a dimensional.plane. Close or Distant, sudden or lingering. the depth of field.,
Pleasant/ unpleasant-comfort/ threat

Our responses are not necessarily thoughtful or voluntary.
Often a part of the like-don't like choice reactive  mechanism we inherit from Life and have no actual say in.
We Modern Humans like to have such intelligent responses that we consider the Wi-Fi a much more accessible communication informational system,
  our House pets would disagree.
There would be no Food Web without the preexistence of the Poop Loop.The active composition reordering that life brings about and leaves behind, the hidden message and meaning of shit.
It is not just an animal thing to speak and listen to the language of poop-stink - identity,-food, territory associations, but bugs and others are  getting some thing out of a conversation that we think beneath us,
that we used to walk away from , now we flush it away.
to a special place distant from where we Eat and Rest and Think.
No longer part of the Body, the System,the Nest, Hive or Home
Grooming instincts have been cultivated in People by Gods and Goddesses and by cleaning up after Livestock.
Spirit and substance ,like light and shadow.
Washing,Cleaning, polishing and shining are surface treatments to bring out the glow of applied care and attention .. they are a taking away of superficial accumulative wear and deposits, a re-composition,or Artistic action, a statement about a special relationship with,
Taking care of Things.
Pagan Personal inner sustenance was not something searched for on line, but was more directly associated with what was in your face, taken into your immediate  being,drinking eating, Comfort was allowing the Spirit into the Body to cleanse with it's healthy regular passage and movement, the emphasis is on the exit as omen of Well being and state of inner  Health or Life Force
Purified? Fortified?Satisfied?
 Perhaps part of our pre-conscious  pan- animist, polytheist Spiritual Sniffer is responding to a culturally reinforced ritual of sharing Meals with others.
Distributing energy
 nurturing renewal, refreshment
the work for others that is the real Pagan Love Magic.
Dealing with crap that is not of our making- Deal with the crap that is of our making, Deal,that is Life