Tuesday, February 9, 2016

where the Spirit goes , groupings, dwellings, roads and signs

Much of what I believe to be the Old Pagan,interpreted by New Pagan, is what  I describe as,

a Cult of Maintenance- a belief in mending, fixing and healing Power that exists before and separate from independent intelligent Artists or Creators

 We are all born babies, We are not self created self sufficient independent embodied Spiritual Entities responsible for Our predicament and circumstance.
We are born into this World utterly Naked,Helpless.Unaware
We cannot forget that We are Nursed to Health by another, by Others
curious connection cleaning and claiming, Cultivation-Trade-Service

Animal Husbandry was the technology of the Time long ago, when our language began and our story begins.
Caring for livestock is consistent regular schedule of committed  demanding work.
Getting the Jump on the Day,seizing  opportunity and advantage over the wills of other beings,repetitive drudgery, Labor sense.behavior patterns that are not of ones own making, Traditional cultural  responses of how groups of people , deal with groups of Animals is an inherited system belief, an ancient game and strategy. Religion of Lively-hood.
The ability to Breed is a step above the ability to keep and care for. Castration is the obvious Human interaction in the life development of Animals that we group with us artificially, Primitive population control, group management, social engineering.economic exploitation of Mystic.Mythic  reproduction Mojo  Magic World View of Man and Woman and the culture that they were raised with and  it's own uniquely developed concepts of  fertility of product and productivity, crops, yields , harvests.

The Nursing function being Sacred in the development of all Mammals,
and the aspect to be taken advantage  of by the two legged variety.
Lactation knowledge being the gateway to exploitation of the growing bonding and imprinting behaviors common to the developing minds and appetites of growing identity.
Food and  Skill, knowledge combined with purity,proper preparation/transformation-cream,collected and magically worked into Butter
Arguably one of the first Indo-European  Human Arts! a  Belief or adherence to a System or Process.,extracting and redirecting nourishment, wholesome life force from it's Natural dwelling .place.
 One of the first crafted  products with it's physical value increased by it's sharing! It's spread-ability!
A popular application and common recognition made this a early market commodity,graded on quality, and where it came from.

Fire is something that must constantly be fed or it will die
it is the immediate release  of energy potential . control of it's food and breath keep it alive, in service to those  who service it.It is the opposite of the collector - hoarder- accumulator of energetic wealth, it is Material physical substance  taken out of play in the game of perceived objective reality in this dimension..
It is one of the most impermanent Things We can remember, with the rapid change and transformation of Space- Time- Energy- Matter, It is a different language- dimension - world than Ours with no way to moderate it's own consumption, prevent or postpone an existing chain reaction in progress.

Butter is concentrated food energy that keeps for a while,perhaps the Paleo- Pagan Proto-Product  Perseverance Promotion that came to represent the Creative commodity and coin concepts, such as saving and borrowing , bribery and Buttering up others to smooth the way for the Transaction.
I think there is a line connecting creation and procreation that goes way back in the distance.
The storage or keeping of potential Energy bound and contained
or,- it's expression,exhibition of it's energetic qualities.it's ability to move freely
What is Brutal what is refined?

 A cult of Makers and a cult of Takers, creating and destroying Human cults of commercialization,communication curvature clairvoyance.
There is the Milky-Way above us ,sometimes  ,and there is a past tradition of wet nurses around us.
 A primary Up - down gravity, full or empty capacity sense.
A fluid energy- Food =Spirit- Power flow, information, Source of Story, circuit, cycle inspiration , intelligent crafting and shaping.building  economy of value, worth , work and place in life.
It's access controlled, It's distribution pathways regulated.
Our View of the way things appear in the Magical Spiritual economic reality of now, or then, is not a product of our inner vision, or imagination ,but a product of what we have been fed with, how we are raised, what surrounds us.what we are being sold, what we are being told,

Increasingly more or all of our information comes from the same channeled and directed artificial path.
It is all powered by the same Energy type that was put into service by Humans a handful of generations ago.
What happens to Our Self directed Soul when something steals our attention?
 eats up our Time? becomes a habit -religion-relationship?
System belief, role loyalty,Identity imprinting and bonding are part of the herd control , animal group management/exploitation aspect delivered in the plastic electronic Things  that connect us, connecting our thoughts, awareness..
.At what point do we recognize that instinct and intuition may not be inherited abilities but are culturally implanted focusing, framing,  finding Friends!      or an Invisible Protector- connector Spirit
a search for relationship that is part of our Mind- Soul- Being.
manufactured system dependence
In My case, the habit of private sketch book and Attic collections that would likely not be seen turned electronic, first as writing on a secret select Druid List, then when I felt my messages and responses should have a more lasting memory and context and illustrations,sharing what I am working on/ with. a potentially anyone- everyone
I start bearing My Druid Soul in a Blog
My Electro- magnetic Butter collection
No Reproduction without Artists Permission
don't be in the habit of milking it for all it's worth!