Thursday, February 25, 2016

appearances, associations, identity

Funny,  but it seems the most consistent thread that runs through my Genuine Authentic Personal Neo-Pagan Spiritual Adventure is that   Sacred, Mystical, Paranormal , Holy and Weird things and relationships exist in abundance all around, regardless of  awareness of them, or belief in them, by worshipers, devotees, or organizations.

The Forms, Shapes are different than  expected
or what I have been led to believe.


An Aspect
 of My Religious Truth/ Discovery is that things are always different than thought,imagined or described,
Certainly different than portrayed in popular culture, print,film,cable, social media, etc.
These are distractions,planting expectations  and dulling  sensitivity to the real thing.Blinding us to the obvious

Real is different- Different is real, circumstance and context are the interactive dynamic
The Spirit Others   are  occasionally spotted  or stand out by  the quality of action or behavior they are exhibiting.
In most cases People never see the Being itself,
Some change in the surroundings or peculiarity of events are attributed to it.
Spirit is felt in it's passing.                   Movement
Spirits are creatures of deeds and doing, not words, Human Names or rules.
 Free  spontaneous, sudden improbable encounters with a trans-dimensional intelligence that is dropping things in your lap, or in your face in a Dream that is felt on a Soul Level  as a Spirit message.
The unexpected is part of language of the Others.
Getting Our Attention
We know when We are being played with
The qualities of the contact and the exchange seem to be a matter of their initiative-participation as much Our Devotional practice, or Magical Training .
I'm OK with that.
My Bond is in the company of those that are free and able to appear and disappear as they chose.
Associate and disassociate  with their will
I am not part of a religious claim of ownership or control over Cosmic contracts, Peoples their Souls,or any Gods or Goddesses.
I do what I do
A Do - It  Priest!