Friday, March 3, 2017

lady bugs that are not lady bugs

groupings and clusters             arrangements and forms

appearance flying psychic type, erratic continuity,   journey- journal practice
  who is responding to the Questioning Spirit?

Shortly after My last blog post,
 I receive a text from My Wife,
 about My Bugsynchronicity  blog Buddy going into the Hospital unexpectedly..
I go down in the Basement,
 where I Have My Personal Work Area and Ritual- ready- to-go- zone,
 with Magical hoard and otherworldly Portals, Idols and such.
The same place that I have come to do the Monthly ritual inquiry,
that gave me a glimpse,
at the vision,
 I saw,
 to paint in watercolor ,
 featured in My last blog post..

Before making Offerings,
 I notice My Ancient Wise Head is not in it's Place......
The first time in the many years that I have been pouring it drinks, and feeding it questions.
Some how the porcelain Big Nose Scull with Bonewits Laws of Magic embossed cranium and wired on  crystal eyes had come down from it's bobble head base,
Landing on the concrete floor with a single break to its free Moving Jaw.


A functional Idol of the first class of being the Clergy Order worked to develop a continued relationship with.
Assembling and constructing a Physical Material form for the spirit to manifest and animate expression.
Spirit  speech
Any Time,  Night or Day

Movement is Life

shift - lean
balance habit
mend- repeat
Rhythm Religion