Thursday, March 9, 2017

resembling association- associating resemblance

say what I see
Memory, Meditation , Mound Journey,Manifestation,Modality Malleability
Masks , Masquerade, Mummers, Minstrel, Mischief
Raucous Representatives outside culture and societal norms.
 Mutating Monsters, Mockery ,Morphology Mobility Media
 Public Painted face parody performance
pan handlers parade    disguised vigilante rebellion
Traveling band or troop,  mysterious mob, carnival crowd
often representatives of a bizarre  representational other.
Played to the Low Brow, often at the expense of the High Brow.
Mimicry  Mastery Mystery

Ritual Costumed closed circle clubs that focus on belonging- not belonging in secret

Retribution revenge resistance retaliation are shadow,dark,(hidden),
When you play with the power to spook, frighten, or intimidate another,
 you are messing with the Black Arts (no light).
Magical gangster gangs, Manipulators of the free will of other Humans,
false information,
 tradition of  ,justification for aggression. and nasty, ugly ways and habits of keeping score and getting even.
Trigger Blood feud rivalry
 perpetuating Psychic threat,spiritual unrest, cosmic discord in the name of  ----  order.

Who is in charge?, of the People, by the People for the People 
De-Regulation is Anti- Moderation -destabilizing ,disenfranchising,  giving away of control and authority.
Cruelty over compassion,
Coercion over consent ,
Careless as opposed to considerate,
A lack of sensitivity to what is going on.what is fair.
Fertile ground for predators and cheats in a game without rules or referees.

Bad Magic            actions cloaked with meaning, identity,  violence wrapped in a message.
Perversion and reversal, fear and hate., pain and harm, winning at all cost . deception. description.
knocking over Tombstones and De-funding Planned Parenthood .

Disrespect for Humanity, hurting of the Human Spirit, Contempt for the Soul
Not acknowledging the Human condition,Health and well being.
 Artificial Social Toxin
Political industrial pathogen
The Dark side
scary mask

This is not a force of any Mythic or Religious Cosmic Evil Being,or ghosts of evil Dead.
No Devil or Demon
It is An ancient Human Tradition,
 of allowing people to  take advantage of  others
 to get a -"head"..
Look the other way...
It is none of your Business,
It is a  collective Human Behavioral " Game Face"
 Certain in Our cultural ghost costume, Do the ends justify the means?
How- Low- Can- You- Go?
When effort is being made to undermine, discredit , put down?
Get Up!   Get Down!
Punishment for Social transgression, behaving outside of  station and standing assigned , denying opportunity, access, Discrimination ,privilege,entitlement.
 Old Ways relived like they never were...
Dance and dazzle ...........
See what I am saying?