Friday, May 26, 2017

acquired associative representations " acquiredassociativerepresentations"

Courage / Convenience
contrast - climb - clarity
Claim Celebration
Culture Connection
People Place Protection
Home- Land
Group Identity
Slippery slope of self conscious styling to conform to social stereotype.
Synchronous sentient search serendipity  
Language Location Love
continuous threat assessment of the collective cultural subconscious
 resource awareness, selective sympathy , social anxiety, nurturing protectionism,
seduced by simplistic separatist or supremacist spiritual schisms ..
Out of the way,  hard to find, difficult to get at
Pride - Place - Person hood
Sense of belonging
Service- duty- function
in irregular outcroppings
 particularly peculiarly prominent
Share  and know Natures Love symbols ,avoid society's symbols of Hate.
traveling tokens of connectivity
Bloom and bunch and being
Emphasis on the up.
Discovery in the heights.
placed on Heart or Head.
carried with you.