Thursday, May 4, 2017

working make

reference making   inspiration and expiration
My foot and foot print of the last snow of the last season

impression and expression

 is there a Brain and Bowel connection?
 A how , why and what of thought, mind and feeling that could be analyzed like a Stool sample?
Habits and behavior divined from groupings and distribution of Scat?
unexpected relationships,associations
food for thought
thought for food
At what point do feelings of appetite or desire lie beneath inquisitive impulse ?
Fertilizer of action
catalyst of conception , consequence , curiosity

nutrient exchange  bodily extraction and excretion
what we get out of things,
what we leave behind.
There is no such thing as Organic Waste.
There is a Natural inter life form helper/ director/design/ fixer/ maker/ collector

Ever changing  All  Mother !

it comes out of the inside

Love is all around!