Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Dedicant Mentoring, disclaimer

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Service to who?/ or service to how? or what and why?
There is a point where group reference gets in the way of the Primary connection.
Our connections as Spiritual Beings is the focus of Worship .
It is easy to lose sight of this when an organization puts too much emphasis on Group recognition, Administrative roles , and pecking orders.
How much does group consensus and policy decision debate distract from the essential Subject and reason for being.                How much of our Self important Hub - Bub spooks Spirits away ?
At what point do our Names and Orders and arrogant assumptions of place and behavior take away from our ability to have a genuine exchange with the routinely uncommon , The surprises at our feet .
We seek the favor and approval  of Kindred Spirits of Many Changing Forms.
They decide how and when to make themselves known.
This is not decided upon in committee , or bottled and Branded as proprietary process , it is not something a trained professional can change or a qualified adviser dictate  , It is not subject to popular opinion or convenience.
The organization's official group standards of what it is to study and share, to work in Our Religion shift from a game of "show and tell", communication with cosmic other-worlds that transect ours ,
-  to  " follow the leader"  where we are socialized into  sacrificing and submitting writing for review, to establish the reality as wished for, or imagined of the Organization .
The Program may shape the style of worship and reverence of some of it's participants individually but it changes the organisations ability to sense and judge the non participant aspects as any thing other than less
The Dedicant  may believe that the path is one of self awareness and growth as recognized by an authority of seasoned experts , or make the mistake in thinking it is all about how (you) feel , a religion of value judgments and criteria A Magical world of qualifications and training credentials and certificates leading to Community Status or appreciation.                  The expectation for a outcome  hinging on a group construct reality,  This is social manipulation , not The Natural Magics of the Ancient Earth.

The process of communing or communication is not the same as controlling or commanding .
Lucky for Me that Mentoring is not the same as reviewing submitted material in a timely  pass / fail / excellent manner.
I am hoping to help
 assist in the making of these things ..... references to genuine , connection to the Spirit world , not  an application for acceptance for an organizations program.