Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Reverence for the Unorthodox , Unconventional thought , Weird Beliefs, Adaptive behavior , Nature and Novelty , Alternative religion

A  Raven sits in on a impromptu gathering of three Buzzards on the Trees across the road on My Neighbor's land.
I Have a  Significant Seasonal Spiritual Schedule conflict with My True sense of Priestly Druid Duty and The National Members Meeting - guild festival at that place , We may not be returning to ,  thing I was ordained at Many Years ago.


 I find My Self  interacting with Bus loads of Third and Fourth Graders their Teachers , Parents , Assistants .
As an instructor - guide I try to  assist the tuning of sensitivity awareness and strengthen the bonds of relationships with others  by promoting respect appreciation .

"Treat  Others as You would like to be treated ,"  applied to everything , Every - Thing , see what happens!
Exploring Habitat is visiting a Home , being loud and aggressive and threatening,  frightens  and alarms its inhabitants.
It is not about owning , it is about belonging , we are not catching to keep or harm , see its eyes?.                It sees You !       It Breathes and Feels and moves with a Life of its own , just like You or I.
Observation and discovery are the pathway to knowledge and understanding.
The discarded exoskeleton of a Larvae is made of the same stuff as our finger nails.
We are part of the Natural World.
We  often have to disengage from our dominant  social activities to see and hear the other things we share this life with.
Names and labels don't tell us as much about  things as their behavior and actions, We don't know them by identifying them. We Know them by getting to Know them , It is Our appreciation for details that enable and ennoble us to distinguish the individual from the background.

Perhaps a Crow, and a trio of Vultures, all aware of the presence of  My Wife , who took the picture , and My Self through the glass of the Window.