Monday, June 15, 2015

More Mentoring from the Heart

 The most common misstep of the program, an assumption of eventual Mastery.
         I am still into all of this Druid stuff,        years later I don't believe I've become a better Druid ,                       I don't equate learning with advancement.

Wish from the Breast

Your Work should reflect a personal "realness" that you are comfortable with now and years from now.
It is possible the Organization and Program may not be a part of the spiritual future , Yet Your Work can continue to be a testament of association of living spiritual bonds.
Your Family bonds and connections are just as relevant as Ancient Pantheons.  You don't have to drop names , just provide a string of words.
The Bard / Skald / Poetic approach of crafting the story , descriptive language, character and setting , you can encode each essay with words of objects and subjects with significant magical associations and properties.
This Work can be an opportunity to impress a Spirit Audience you may not be aware of.

I don't believe that My Religion is so simple and direct as a thumbs up or down to the answer of a question,

 For official purposes you should be framing your material for ADF ,  for Mystical Magical reasons you should try to appeal to Your Kindred Spirit s,  and for Personal Artistic reasons ,  you should try to Make the essays your Own Work instead of the answers to someone else s questions.
I believe  Our work is Our sacrifice , Our Life , our Time precious ,...  waste , ...         a great spiritual suck.

Please don't let my blunt appraisal of the Organizations Program reflect upon You and Your sense of spiritual growth and wonder.

I am offering My perspective, advice, on how I think the more complete and fulfilling spiritual enrichment process can take place , and pointing out that racing through the Program has had a Ungrateful affect Spiritually, on individuals and the organization.
It is important to Value the exchanges taking place, Worth and worthy are the same root word as Worship.