Saturday, March 19, 2016

left behind right ahead

belonging and place
feeling you are part

I suppose that much of My Public Pagan awakening  at the end of the eighties was a symbiotic circumstance
Artists Studio Tours were developed by Local  Real Estate.
A strange and intimate annual open house, weird exhibition  opportunity.
As a young struggling artist , it wasn't cleaned up for the crowd,in plain view,
all my works and doings.
Fine ART
less than fine art
commercial jobs
and the never before seen Perrin's personal Pagan Art and Idolatry.

My case is not one of coming out of the broom closet, but allowing the community at large a look at what I do, My practice ,My work as it is, or was.

" How much are you paying for your space?"

My Old Space is gone,      The Building tore down.   No more.

I moved on before that
But I was there then
when she said she was going to use an interview for a Book.

Twenty Years Later
Here Now
My Wife got a copy of , A Legacy of Druids , Conversations with Druid leaders of Britain, the USA and Canada, past and present.   by Ellen Evert Hopman.   -   Moon Books
It arrived on St Patricks Day.
Earrach commented on the Blog.
All is doing
then and now