Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sacrifice and creation,Idea and Action

Ymir and Offspring
The Original Sacrifice/ Creation Myth is significant and unique not in the violence= victory lesson of the primordial event but the sharing and distribution of the Flesh of the Larger Older Selfish  Being by the Triumphant Young Generous  Family of  Skilled Gods.

That sets the pattern of Material and Making
Patterns and Plans-authority and rearrangement
A preexisting extroverted Bias, value and importance in the outside  .......outside of Self, individualism.

My ADF Religious Experience quickly focuses on fostering the group holiday ritual.
For Me the distribution of  parts of ritual, as a way of sharing- Spirit of Belonging.
I am blessed to have been part of ADF's primordial past when you didn't need Rank, Title or claims of Mastery to hold office or form a Grove.
                                              crazy times

I didn't need to be trained, or presume to train anyone.      with that I was free to learn a lot.
I knew that our Work, our Art,.our Sacrifice, would take many different forms.
Involvement in a Neo-Pagan Druid Grove was not about bringing a prescribed offering for collective judgement.or how  you perform as a group ritual specialist.

                   Wholesome Neo-Pagan Ritual " original recipe with eleven herbs and spices"
Nothing  in Our Making ! should hurt harm or make others feel bad in the name of the group, the Gods,or the Magical Ritual efforts, any Religious affiliations,cults, sub sects and schisms are to cease hostilities .
The Event is one of Hosting...Others.

 It is not about individual free expression or Community recognition and acceptance of Magical Personas
Observe the Sacrifices of Others, Make Sacrifices Yourself. Keep the motives and intentions Clean.
Simple is better.
 Don't confuse the level of participation and involvement  of  individual Ritual  attendees with the qualities of individual rituals

The Ritual  provides an opportunity for people to experience Group Honoring and Respect of a number of often neglected, or forgotten ,Spiritual Companions and Aids.
It also provides Ritual Roles and Function, helping it's Participants discover a stronger spiritual bond and relationship reinforcement, of their choosing or spiritual direction.
It is the echoes of the ancient sharing.Our Praise offerings, Our gathering, Our Work, a gift of devotion,to The Living Growing World .

 This is Art
More than Sacred Talent Show
We are in the presences of  audiences unknown.
They Make their own Judgments.
They have their own ideas about our group ritual performance,
what they are witnessing,
 How are We behaving together?
    How they work their Blessings on us..
We are the Material that is Shaped.
We are Their Art.
Art that is Peaceful Action
Art that is Healing Transformation
Art that is Making- Doing-for good
Art that is clearly displayed
Shining Through Our Ideas and Actions!