Monday, March 28, 2016

Thinking you are knowing what you are getting into, and remembering what you thought you got out of- it .

Prop- Drop Cloth - Contract
  Premonitions of  a  probable paradigm of the procrastinating Phoenix performance  perhaps ?

                The Holy, The whole is linked with this notion of encompassing,coverage,protection.

It is nice to have a finite limit or boundary on event experience.
In the," which came first?"  --"the chicken, or the egg?" of cause and effect.
Who made Me a Maker? What makes Me make Things?
Appreciator of things Others make and do, the Work involved, the Sacrifice and Skill.
I respect building and creating, the Arts and magical power of Human Hand crafting.
I am a compulsive creator and keep out of the way of the process and projects of Others.

I am not into Spiritually Meddling, or Managing or Monitoring or Modeling Others.
People are not a Material that I manipulate in the name of Art or Religion.
My Neo- Pagan Practice is full of skeptical inquiry, A healthy lack of Trust in the illegible fine print,
Unnecessary commitment, hidden cost, psychic tax, paranormal burden.
It is  Action!
It is now!
It is passing.....

 Paganism as Promise, as pleasure, as play!