Saturday, May 28, 2016

emergent resonance , frequencies, returning dimension

The Month before this May,  became one of the departure of My closest Neighbor,  and the Barn Cat,
 that was here on this territory,  that I have called My Own , for about sixteen Years.
I know they are alive,  and well elsewhere , yet I keep thinking that I see them,  in their usual place, on the other side of the road from My Home.

This May marked a Year of a regular practice  of  matching My breathing with the recording of the breathing of a Woman who will have Died three years just before this coming Samhain, ( Summers End ).
I had picked up Her Chakra Meditation CD  at the annual "Revival Festival" that has become a Family habit,
that's not happening this Year.
I had seen and heard her  live at a local Bee Group speaking and Drumming, Now I've been following Her patterned inhales and exhales , long after Her Spirit left Her Body, it is guiding mine.

The places and spaces we inhabit - The strange interface that is Spiritual presence or Being .
What is surface?                                             What is depth?              

The Annual Members Meeting of Druids  has moved this Year,