Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Life experience, It is all for You, Yet, it is not all about You.

Everything seems to respond to a simple Caring or Neglecting attitude or intent.
  Interactions with things outside of the Self.
A recognition,  or awareness of the effort and Magic of Communication as an understanding of sorts,.
A Mindfulness of the back and forth nature - Emitter and receiver-cause and effect- active and resting way of things.

Our ability to Praise, or Curse unwittingly is an aspect of  expression that is collectively compounded.
Respect / Disrespect - is the basic hinge of control and judgment in this basic binary code of this Spiritually inhabited Biosphere We are part of.
  Making others feel Comfortable or Uncomfortable, Welcome / Unwelcome.

The Earth Mother is not a Personal Vision, or Group Vision.
Like wise Gods and Goddesses are not to be confused with the Stories and Descriptions of Them.
I began My ADF  practice of Open Group Worship  with repeated offerings to the People who were the Druids of Ancient Times , to Please Help! We Pray! show us People of Modern Times the way!
There are no feelings of collective respect for misrepresentation,entrapment and falsehood.
Spiritual Groups, Religious Organizations  ,Festival Gatherings need to be concerned with  More than Mission Statements, Volunteer Management and Membership contributions , expectations, .and soliciting service feed back suggestions. There is a Spiritual Dimension in binding the effort/ energy in name and purpose, trying to see that Sacrifice is not wasted.

The commercial Electronic Medias as they have been developed and applied Today,  in hand held , touch screen, portable, personal,Wireless internet connected, consumer driven psycho-spiritual talismans of Self Identity.           Our Vital Social Essence,   Our sharing and comparing built up around a common platform of Self interest. Self promotion,Self help,Self improvement, Self directed selective  Surfing in a self centered world view, with statistics, followers , friends, likes and comments,updated continuously.....
 This is a different community communication competition for control,
 than that of Our Ancestors,
 the conversations of Forager's ,
 tales of Hunter's , voyages of Sailors,or stories of Shepard's.
It is not based upon Ancient Market Haggling, or the debates of Sages .
It is not  building on a tradition of Spiritual writing, Religious text,  Poetry or Drama,  or the speeches in Taverns and Public Squares,
 It is not Social communication as it has evolved from People and Spirits,
!The Arts!
 but a Product designed for Sale to People.
It is Advertising.

Our common creation

The ability to control Our Own Caring attention, to focus and lovingly direct it, in the hope that Another will get it, and benefit from it.
We must not allow ourselves to become misdirected by glamor and illusion of a world as presented to us, remaining sensitive to the responses of the many things we do touch in our lives, and the difference we do make in the spiritual atmosphere of the moment.
 Blessing as a Practice.
Prayer as an Art.