Wednesday, May 25, 2016

unfolding continuance, expanding oscillating envelopment

I tried to stay awake  for the arrival  of My Special Druid Visitors!
I had turned on the weird outside studio light
Casting a broken pale blue glow, in the dark drizzle , of the new Day, before the Sun rises.
From the beginning of My association with A Druid Fellowship ,over twenty five years ago, Two things went hand in hand
The reaching out to a multiplicity of Spiritual Beings with good will and an open Heart to experience reverence, respect, appreciation sharing, reciprocal relationship.
The reaching out to a multiplicity of Human Beings  to come together in Seasonal Holiday Worship of the repeating


Hosting or facilitating the interactions of diverse elements, knowingly outside of group control, or definition.
" Is that Them?" Says My wife ,of almost seventeen Years,  from Her side of the Bed.
We were "Hand fasted" as part of the Mid-Summer Ritual Holiday of Green Man Grove, that I was the Senior Druid of- in  about My tenth year of,                                                   Our Own Magic.
" it doesn't look like it."  I say after putting on My Glasses and trying to distinguish a silhouette of an alien vehicle, or foreign craft, parked in the broken pale blue glow, next to our Cars, next to our Studio, next to our House, below  and beyond the Window behind our Bed.
At some point later, I heard  snoring in the room below, it sounded like a small ensemble, but it was only the                          New Arch Druid and the  New Vice arch Druid, sleeping down stairs.

" It's a good thing you sign your paintings so large" says the first of My Guests to meet Me in the morning.
                                             Neither had been to My Home before.
There was updated -on the road texting to My Wife, global satellite navigation  utilized ,
and  a Painted Canvas confirming that this was the Destination, the  place  for  travelers to rest,  and                                                                                           Awaken!
Hugs before Coffee seem easier if there has been a previous face to face meeting , ours had been at the only Clergy retreat I have attended, around six years ago.  close to the Time the original Arch Druid was passing, and a founding ,Our Whole Grove member was moving. I received a Clergy Stole with My name on it.
A blur of new faces, I remembered meeting Her and Her Husband because of their cool and clever magical Names. More familiar to me now in electronic communication form in the Role of Preceptor- Our Study

I first met My second Guest, in person, three years ago, this coming Fall
We had been in touch electronically, more importantly, spoken on the phone privately about the Study Work
I had unwittingly committed to, in accepting  a Clergy Stole with My name on it.
He had invited me to come out and meet him at the Festival of a Druid Grove of a Neighboring State where the same fellow who gave me a ride back and forth to the Clergy Retreat three Years before that -from My closest Neighboring Grove was being " elevated " ritually and given a " Priestly Golden Sickle"after a presentation on the Web Site improvements.
I was surprised to meet some one who had been a member of ADF longer than My Self.
Surprised that His Partner, who He had brought to the Festival ,was from the same strange side of My Old Home City!                He would later send My Wife ,pictures of My Father's Paintings, at My Fathers second Wife's Home at the other end of Town. This Day He brought Me a one hundred and fifty year anniversary pack of My traditional regional heal all beverage with a Gnome ,
                                                       claiming it is aged in oak barrels.
                                                         * Authentic * Bold*Taste*

                                           On this Morning of May  the rains  thankfully stopped

My Wife came down to join us, and with much Coffee and Conversation We set up the May Pole and prepared for the arrival of  Our Whole Grove ( Proto-Grove ADF) North East Region , USA! Holiday

There are connections that are so precise, so deliberate, that they command your attention..
Some things more Real than others.
I repeat a habit on Holidays,
What a special treat!  this Year,  to witness,  face to face, the Spirit of what is Good and Real in ADF!.