Friday, January 6, 2017

not my imagination

"Not My work! ,Cerebra-spinal nervous system image copy, crop, computer,communication,culture, context.creative conduit content crisis ,unknown by Me. "

" Idea"
Original Source?   Who is the Artist?    Where is the individual?
What is credited for composition?
What are the connections in consciousnesses and caring?
Do I have a special scholarly shame sense located somewhere  in the lay out above...
Our Authentic True Self, not just a sense of feeling, but how things are assembled, connected, and related
Awareness is a collaborative process
  A Belief in the System of Believing in Systems.
 Feeling deep within feeling. comfort in organization,that we do not think or believe we have inside.
 unknown private personal intimate contact with the interior pathways of perception.
Cycles- patterns- Orders - Codes ,
Social perception is a natural comparative impulse, as are the protective defensive survival reflex toward a sensitive interior dimension of  Home, Self, property, Things we feel closely connected to..
Do We Learn Through a Sense of Belonging?
Bonding and connecting associations as they are presented to us.
Could thought, Memory, Ego, Mind stem from an inner need for acceptance?
How much of what and how we think and feel is determined by reward?
Responding to Praise!
Stimulating channels
Spirit Energy Flow
Vibration between
Language, Life, Experience and Form!
Eager to share!
Place, Anatomy, messenger , courier, receiving information from a outer World, translating and carrying the signal to the Brain for intelligent analysis and review,    or not.
Where did that come from?     I know I did not Make it.   continuity from creepy to cognitive, curious,crazy and cool.
Can I use it to illustrate My Point ? copy,  Publish it in My Personal Pagan Priestly Blog? without permission?
Sharing the image,  altered as presented on social media, as an Offering to Ancient Ways!
In pursuit of Sacred Knowledge !
Inner Mystery revealed!

Or is the point made on Me? Consent and My Creative Cult of Making?
 Attention stimulation response to images of others- outside of Self, feeds My Inner Soul.
 I am trying to record that here, the fire of inspiration
We are collecting points for more than we can hope to know or experience in any dimension.
More than we can think of, imagine,contemplate or worry about.

 It may be that many of the concepts of Self identity and the individual  independent decider hove been encouraged in current  consumer capitalist culture- connected to contract cable companies communication conspiracy .
Access to information
Out of Body, presence connection, company.
Make Sense?