Thursday, January 26, 2017

not my understanding, not to mention-not with standing

Pagan Praise Poetry Patterns had as much to do with Worldly Patrons, as Personal Practice of  Magical Art.
It being necessary in a Culture that Sees bragging about your own-
( skill, wealth,deeds -merits-good fortune,)
 a potential invitation for trouble for you in the future.
Ones upon a time...

If My rusty recollection of reverent,relevance, reference is right ,
Reciting remembered reason in three acceptable respectable ways.

The rowdy, call to action!
The sorrowful,  lament of loss.
The calming,  rest, and  dream.

The basic repertoire of the competing  Bards who sought  favor in the halls, and at the functions of Noble Patrons.
These Roots of using voice and ritual to show respect and Honor have a shadow in the Satirist.
Instead of persuasive magical speech that avoids insult, there is a intent that is offensive.
Instead of winning reward in fair play, the original satirist was trying to extract award as redress for perceived  offense or wrong doing.

 Black Mail? confronting Power? Character assassins  , real or imagined are the illegitimate sorcerers of the dark arts of cursing-foul play -shameful / social antagonism .
Dirty nasty Poetic polarity, professionally you can't have it both ways particularly with a emphasis on class division and specialized labor.

The legitimate guild of praise magic and the  illegitimate magic use of word and action for insult and injury were perceived as being related to one another by the practitioners, at times, but could never be acknowledged or recognized by the Patron- Nobility - Class.
I wonder about the poetic process,
inspiration,motivation,intention,the magical conduit of thought and energy that People are,
Love and Hate

There is a unseen vocational Spiritual Directing intelligence in Politics and Religion .
Maybe, specialization and expertise skill and craft, applied arts, are lessons of the Gods!
It being necessary in this Culture, as it has been to others before.