Friday, January 20, 2017

not my words- not my self

old reflection & noitcelfer dlo
 Before words were combinations of placed and spaced  letters,
 they were a magical divination of sound and meaning.
 Use your voice to make the sounds.
Speak from your Heart.

Before considering how  communication will be received and understood by others,
pay attention to how  thought and feeling merge within with intent, and will ,before expression.
A Sacred Place in an interior dimension, the Place where We access imagination, intuition, inspiration.
A formless unknown in which opinion emerges and ideas originate, off limits to outside influence
We are Spirit beings in bodies of Flesh with,
A Secret Door
A Hidden Library
part of Our Personal Package naturally in our possession.
  society conforms play to private, definitively not Public.
Super imposing the concept of, "claiming ownership "as an individual being,
Ego - Identity - Owner of Material Worldly assets-Power.
A sense of Self married with a social  concept of worth, value,place, strata,order, hierarchy,convenience, accuracy, acceptance of meaning.
language of belief

 Spirit Shaming, relationship divide
A social human pressure that applies limitation of opportunity and access,  to Free Exchange and ability.
 Anti-magic,judgement.denying independent individual ,hidden power, personal spiritual connection,
direct knowledge. fantastic formless friends and the like.

The emphasis on the quantifiable and qualifiable exchange of objective and subjective information of human lateral communication perverting prospects of person-hood as packaging and product.
Safety in numbers.
The Connection to wholeness, the Life force, the elusive mystery of Spirit movement,
 influence, wonder within , soul- immaterial timeless-inner voice listener ,
 part of the process of perception peripherally ,
as temporary physical manifestations of Cosmic Design- pattern- reason-stuff.

Natural Clairaudience is negated by computer confirmation communication culture.
Tool of the Times, and a super sense and sensitivity to Social Audience, overstimulated, simplified, stripped of subtlety . attention atrophy, awareness prioritized almost monopoly of all Trades and Talents.
  part of a Plan- that is not conceived as a inner director , but as a coercive exterior influence identified.
Relationship,  Recognition and Reality
     spaces between letters
that are not Our Own.