Wednesday, October 15, 2014

ancient spooky spirit possession and social media

gates and ghosts

service for guests

As Hosts we become Hostage

A guarantee on an agreement

Ancient Animal Ancestors made with Sun and Earth.

Our physical form

,a temporary residence of flesh

.part of a Cosmic Contract of long ago.

The Mythic first sacrifice, the slaughter and gore,

the dismembered body with its entrails heaped up  to make our world

Its’ split skull cast into the heavens

strange  this stuff that Life is,     All around us within and without

We are bigger than our skinbigger than our skin

more influential than our stats

Not limited by Self image or society

A bunch of bones and blood and guts

breathing and sometimes screaming.!

There is no denying the horrible spectacle of public executions,Human and Animal sacrifice as the way of Ancient Pagan Religions

It seems to be excessively bloody and visceral often competitively being more horrific to establish a Name and and reputation for group.

sending Messages to their Gods in their ways, in their times,

I wonder if they knew ,or cared, that people of the future would morally judge  their sacrifice as

Inhuman butchery

shock and shame enhanced , terror = obedience  Panic reflex herding and bonding instincts dramatized for mass consumption defensive desire.

Spooky control of the population.

Maybe  they Knew I would write this?

They had a vision of Me and my Humanist Neo-Pagan Moral outrage

, a glowing screen, with no way to comment, reply or follow .