Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Mentoring on local land spirits Seasons ,Changing Faces of Nature and the nature of changing faces


face of nature

We have a tendency to attribute a Mood or Disposition to the atmosphere of the moment when we are making an offering., taking it as a immediate response.

I have found that the communication is taking place but in its own time, in its own way.

The language of exchange, the understandings are convoluted and tricky but the repetition and simplicity of offering and acknowledging the Spirit or Soul.of another

creates a resonance and a rhythm over Time.

People are taught that they are the only being with a soul. Denying the Spiritual essence of animal, vegetable, mineral and composite interaction and life character that goes along with Place

Judging Place by  human hospitable conditions that serve our selves, that are transferable as wealth from the Land is human wishful thinking .

It is easy to mistake the ambivalence or harsh demeanor of Nature as  Unfriendly.

We have our Haunted Houses,and Ghost Towns, Urban Decay and abandoned Communities, fear of the encroaching Wild programed into Our Domesticated Nature.

Yet we share the same World with Bugs and Beasts and can sense the Hostility and potential for aggression that is exhibited in the struggle for life,defense of territory…

Life is not easy

We are in the Age of Easy = Friendly

Instantaneous=convenient     command =connection

A culture that has embraced Salesman as Prophets We have little life interaction with livestock for food or transportation, little knowledge of the interconnected cycles of life of plant and animal and season,We have been artificially separated from knowledge of our ability to directly access worldly sustenance, unable to accept Nature in its raw unrefined  form, Our reality controlled , Our Environments  tamed. as if the world exists for our comfort and service. Void of suffering

Nature is eccentric and bizarre, at times beautiful and aesthetic oriented coordination,at other times weird , gross, nasty,hostile.

It is Natural that all Spirits are not our loving friends and beneficial companions,

There are those that come to aid us in crisis, and those that feed from our anxiety and fear. Appearances are deceiving Either way it is important to not speak ill or curse.openly naming and empowering a Spirit as Enemy.and waking up a bogey man of your own making

The Purpose of the offering is not to explore the dangerous, but to establish the Safe, Ironically this often feels spooky and scary.

We try to respond with love and respect, we have no reason to intrude or explore or entertain notions of diabolical dualism,No need to confront the dark side and worship the gloomy wood.We are making Spirit Friends ,with an emphasis on Free will of our and their choosing,to relate and be related,a relationship of mutual agreement,

Complex and diverse Colony forming units built up of multiple factions Spirits are no more monolithic in opinion or composition as any other functional structure  or group body.

They are the hidden souls of things, the character  of objects, the life within.struggling with conflicts of their own.

I look for a head of a Spirit before I have any idea what to call it.

I look for the intelligence, seek the face that I can try to speak too, a will I may be able to reason with.,some primal directive instinct I can appeal to.


Repeated Liberally applied simple offerings of appreciation to a broad range of Special Spiritual Relationships, that  support us transitionally naturally  come and go, make for a special awareness of Our Lucky Nature and establishes a pattern of favorites over time.