Monday, October 27, 2014

popular polarizing projected pagan paradox


On My way in,


Who is more Real? more well known as a Magic figure in the community?


Here is a large inflatable figure of Raven of Teen Titans

she is  seated in a classic eastern lotus pose  in  deep meditation.

I appeared  to be minutely levitating in front of her at this years New York Comic Con,

in an adapted asymmetrical coffee crouch , or squat in the lot .

I like to think I have more substance to my person than a vinyl inflatable

Of a copy righted cartoon network character creation.

The Balloon has a following, recognition and tethers holding it in place,Licensing lawyers merchandise.I would say it has super human dimensions in recognition.

super powers for a superhero the  teen daughter of a inter-dimensional demon that was developed on a cable network from an earlier published  print comic character.

I have half a coffee and a day pass,imagining I’m defying gravity with the powers of my mind. I am fascinated by what I am attracted and revolted by.

Popular Culture          unconventional conventions   rebirth of Neo-Paganism

the Science Fiction / Fantasy / Horror genres of popular entertainment and the effect on  imagination and expectation of audience. What is Magic?The Occult? Spiritual Powers?

Much of Neo-Pagan belief is inspired by or in reaction against portrayals of magic in fiction.

Often we find ourselves on the spot, trying to set the record strait , fact from fiction.

Do Guided Meditations have more to do with the narration of Dungeon  Masters in role playing games than the ecstatic journeys of Shamans?

Is there something in the tradition of telling Hero stories that demand an Antagonist?

Are we  summoning super villains into our world ? or do we lower ourselves down to them? Is it evil to bring Monsters and horrible thoughts into the public imagination..

Becoming obsessed or possessed by   fictional characters instead of Mythical ?

Is there  a difference ? What about Fan Art? Where is the Hubris?

Does play acting. dress up and behaving like another become sacred and social,and secularist?

when is it encouraged? when does it self identify as a community?  or subculture?

I try to communicate that in a non verbal pose and gesture in conversational Klingon with the aid of an unidentified Human in Star Trek Turtle Head  on My way Out.

posture point

Who is your favorite Doctor?                  The Waters of Life!