Monday, October 13, 2014

Worship of the Imperfect ,the Unfamiliar

Apreciate the unknown

I have come to honor more than the spirits of my own known family and friends.

I have come to see that things are not as they appear  on the outside.

A Spirit exists inside

Unexpected Surprise appreciation or anticipated preparedness anxiety

Be gentle                     Be Kind            Because

Keep your Cool

A Pan Cultural Human Nature Spirit .

Perhaps the common Ancestor of Most of Human Kind

Some way that people are related to one another,

Sharing Respect, Not being Afraid of one another, A Common understanding of simple kindness .

Humans have a relationship between feelings of Fear and Respect on a very Primal  Level, the desire for calm and the hope of peace are just as deep rooted

Rumored risks and reputations

It is all about how we respond

Dont fear the others

Shape changing Masks

How You Treat the Stranger

It gets Tricky

Hospitality at Summers End