Friday, October 31, 2014

Meanings Manners Mummers Mimes Masks Magic



maybe it’s the movement……………………….the changing or transforming nature 26a

said in one breath standing on one foot


          Tales of Trick or Treat Tradition and Tragedy????????????????????????

said in one breath standing on one foot

                                      Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Secret Surprise Inside!



My old drum

All things are containers of Spirits.

Humanity and our bodily form are intertwined and inseparable.

We know with a Human Mind, our flesh is a container in a Human form.

We Feel and experience the World around us with a Human Heart.


It is one of the things that People do best.

Perhaps part of the design of the shape of our container .

An Ancestral commandment to look after yourselves and take care of one another..

Comfort to strangers……….. who may be  other

Monday, October 27, 2014

vision of the second gate



This from last months Order journey before the Clergy retreat

vision of the second gate

popular polarizing projected pagan paradox


On My way in,


Who is more Real? more well known as a Magic figure in the community?


Here is a large inflatable figure of Raven of Teen Titans

she is  seated in a classic eastern lotus pose  in  deep meditation.

I appeared  to be minutely levitating in front of her at this years New York Comic Con,

in an adapted asymmetrical coffee crouch , or squat in the lot .

I like to think I have more substance to my person than a vinyl inflatable

Of a copy righted cartoon network character creation.

The Balloon has a following, recognition and tethers holding it in place,Licensing lawyers merchandise.I would say it has super human dimensions in recognition.

super powers for a superhero the  teen daughter of a inter-dimensional demon that was developed on a cable network from an earlier published  print comic character.

I have half a coffee and a day pass,imagining I’m defying gravity with the powers of my mind. I am fascinated by what I am attracted and revolted by.

Popular Culture          unconventional conventions   rebirth of Neo-Paganism

the Science Fiction / Fantasy / Horror genres of popular entertainment and the effect on  imagination and expectation of audience. What is Magic?The Occult? Spiritual Powers?

Much of Neo-Pagan belief is inspired by or in reaction against portrayals of magic in fiction.

Often we find ourselves on the spot, trying to set the record strait , fact from fiction.

Do Guided Meditations have more to do with the narration of Dungeon  Masters in role playing games than the ecstatic journeys of Shamans?

Is there something in the tradition of telling Hero stories that demand an Antagonist?

Are we  summoning super villains into our world ? or do we lower ourselves down to them? Is it evil to bring Monsters and horrible thoughts into the public imagination..

Becoming obsessed or possessed by   fictional characters instead of Mythical ?

Is there  a difference ? What about Fan Art? Where is the Hubris?

Does play acting. dress up and behaving like another become sacred and social,and secularist?

when is it encouraged? when does it self identify as a community?  or subculture?

I try to communicate that in a non verbal pose and gesture in conversational Klingon with the aid of an unidentified Human in Star Trek Turtle Head  on My way Out.

posture point

Who is your favorite Doctor?                  The Waters of Life!

Friday, October 24, 2014

uncertainty is a door



I wonder



wonder is a window

children of chance? cousins of coincidence? 

Formed by Fates?

Rooted in ambiguity the context of the change ,       the way between

probability and possibility ,                           shadow and obscurity.

what are the odds?  what is the likely hood?

unusual attention reflection detection

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

reformed retro rustic renegade religion raiding

look for the hook

the thing that draws you in

I like the weird endings

the strange twists

Ironic turnabout



Poetic Justice

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

ancient spooky spirit possession and social media

gates and ghosts

service for guests

As Hosts we become Hostage

A guarantee on an agreement

Ancient Animal Ancestors made with Sun and Earth.

Our physical form

,a temporary residence of flesh

.part of a Cosmic Contract of long ago.

The Mythic first sacrifice, the slaughter and gore,

the dismembered body with its entrails heaped up  to make our world

Its’ split skull cast into the heavens

strange  this stuff that Life is,     All around us within and without

We are bigger than our skinbigger than our skin

more influential than our stats

Not limited by Self image or society

A bunch of bones and blood and guts

breathing and sometimes screaming.!

There is no denying the horrible spectacle of public executions,Human and Animal sacrifice as the way of Ancient Pagan Religions

It seems to be excessively bloody and visceral often competitively being more horrific to establish a Name and and reputation for group.

sending Messages to their Gods in their ways, in their times,

I wonder if they knew ,or cared, that people of the future would morally judge  their sacrifice as

Inhuman butchery

shock and shame enhanced , terror = obedience  Panic reflex herding and bonding instincts dramatized for mass consumption defensive desire.

Spooky control of the population.

Maybe  they Knew I would write this?

They had a vision of Me and my Humanist Neo-Pagan Moral outrage

, a glowing screen, with no way to comment, reply or follow .


artistic animist assumptions about addressing audience


I assume they see Me,even if they can not.

Maybe they can only feel My Actions.

Some how sensing My Intent

Reading My Mind

Touching My Heart

They may not see Me, any more than I can see Them.

Some how We Know , or believe we know .

watching us watch them

I assume They may be listening,even if they can not hear.

Perhaps they can taste My disposition

Smell My thoughts

I seem to be as transparent in substance to Them as They are to Me.

All of Us

fragments and conglomerates

particles in motion

shadows and imprints

odors and echoes

Monday, October 13, 2014

Worship of the Imperfect ,the Unfamiliar

Apreciate the unknown

I have come to honor more than the spirits of my own known family and friends.

I have come to see that things are not as they appear  on the outside.

A Spirit exists inside

Unexpected Surprise appreciation or anticipated preparedness anxiety

Be gentle                     Be Kind            Because

Keep your Cool

A Pan Cultural Human Nature Spirit .

Perhaps the common Ancestor of Most of Human Kind

Some way that people are related to one another,

Sharing Respect, Not being Afraid of one another, A Common understanding of simple kindness .

Humans have a relationship between feelings of Fear and Respect on a very Primal  Level, the desire for calm and the hope of peace are just as deep rooted

Rumored risks and reputations

It is all about how we respond

Dont fear the others

Shape changing Masks

How You Treat the Stranger

It gets Tricky

Hospitality at Summers End

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Mentoring on local land spirits Seasons ,Changing Faces of Nature and the nature of changing faces


face of nature

We have a tendency to attribute a Mood or Disposition to the atmosphere of the moment when we are making an offering., taking it as a immediate response.

I have found that the communication is taking place but in its own time, in its own way.

The language of exchange, the understandings are convoluted and tricky but the repetition and simplicity of offering and acknowledging the Spirit or Soul.of another

creates a resonance and a rhythm over Time.

People are taught that they are the only being with a soul. Denying the Spiritual essence of animal, vegetable, mineral and composite interaction and life character that goes along with Place

Judging Place by  human hospitable conditions that serve our selves, that are transferable as wealth from the Land is human wishful thinking .

It is easy to mistake the ambivalence or harsh demeanor of Nature as  Unfriendly.

We have our Haunted Houses,and Ghost Towns, Urban Decay and abandoned Communities, fear of the encroaching Wild programed into Our Domesticated Nature.

Yet we share the same World with Bugs and Beasts and can sense the Hostility and potential for aggression that is exhibited in the struggle for life,defense of territory…

Life is not easy

We are in the Age of Easy = Friendly

Instantaneous=convenient     command =connection

A culture that has embraced Salesman as Prophets We have little life interaction with livestock for food or transportation, little knowledge of the interconnected cycles of life of plant and animal and season,We have been artificially separated from knowledge of our ability to directly access worldly sustenance, unable to accept Nature in its raw unrefined  form, Our reality controlled , Our Environments  tamed. as if the world exists for our comfort and service. Void of suffering

Nature is eccentric and bizarre, at times beautiful and aesthetic oriented coordination,at other times weird , gross, nasty,hostile.

It is Natural that all Spirits are not our loving friends and beneficial companions,

There are those that come to aid us in crisis, and those that feed from our anxiety and fear. Appearances are deceiving Either way it is important to not speak ill or curse.openly naming and empowering a Spirit as Enemy.and waking up a bogey man of your own making

The Purpose of the offering is not to explore the dangerous, but to establish the Safe, Ironically this often feels spooky and scary.

We try to respond with love and respect, we have no reason to intrude or explore or entertain notions of diabolical dualism,No need to confront the dark side and worship the gloomy wood.We are making Spirit Friends ,with an emphasis on Free will of our and their choosing,to relate and be related,a relationship of mutual agreement,

Complex and diverse Colony forming units built up of multiple factions Spirits are no more monolithic in opinion or composition as any other functional structure  or group body.

They are the hidden souls of things, the character  of objects, the life within.struggling with conflicts of their own.

I look for a head of a Spirit before I have any idea what to call it.

I look for the intelligence, seek the face that I can try to speak too, a will I may be able to reason with.,some primal directive instinct I can appeal to.


Repeated Liberally applied simple offerings of appreciation to a broad range of Special Spiritual Relationships, that  support us transitionally naturally  come and go, make for a special awareness of Our Lucky Nature and establishes a pattern of favorites over time.

Friday, October 3, 2014

People are Nature Spirits

79 school musical

We may be cultivated and domesticated, but we are made up of the same life stuff Everything  alive or dead on this planet

Our bodies, physical substances made up of material that was eaten, converted to making organs and flesh, growing ,breathing,circulating, feeling, sensing ,thinking ,responding

We are all the product of  living communities of life.

We are the result of habitat, ecosystem and niche.

Our structure is not of our own design.

We are the seasons adaptation of a theme.

Mother Nature generationally updating another living breathing eating ageing thing.

What we are is Natural

Animal, Vegetable and Mineral all show a relationship to Climate and Time.

Weather and the World

Wind and Water

Cycles of Sun and Moon.

Passing Days and changing Tides.