Thursday, February 25, 2016

appearances, associations, identity

Funny,  but it seems the most consistent thread that runs through my Genuine Authentic Personal Neo-Pagan Spiritual Adventure is that   Sacred, Mystical, Paranormal , Holy and Weird things and relationships exist in abundance all around, regardless of  awareness of them, or belief in them, by worshipers, devotees, or organizations.

The Forms, Shapes are different than  expected
or what I have been led to believe.


An Aspect
 of My Religious Truth/ Discovery is that things are always different than thought,imagined or described,
Certainly different than portrayed in popular culture, print,film,cable, social media, etc.
These are distractions,planting expectations  and dulling  sensitivity to the real thing.Blinding us to the obvious

Real is different- Different is real, circumstance and context are the interactive dynamic
The Spirit Others   are  occasionally spotted  or stand out by  the quality of action or behavior they are exhibiting.
In most cases People never see the Being itself,
Some change in the surroundings or peculiarity of events are attributed to it.
Spirit is felt in it's passing.                   Movement
Spirits are creatures of deeds and doing, not words, Human Names or rules.
 Free  spontaneous, sudden improbable encounters with a trans-dimensional intelligence that is dropping things in your lap, or in your face in a Dream that is felt on a Soul Level  as a Spirit message.
The unexpected is part of language of the Others.
Getting Our Attention
We know when We are being played with
The qualities of the contact and the exchange seem to be a matter of their initiative-participation as much Our Devotional practice, or Magical Training .
I'm OK with that.
My Bond is in the company of those that are free and able to appear and disappear as they chose.
Associate and disassociate  with their will
I am not part of a religious claim of ownership or control over Cosmic contracts, Peoples their Souls,or any Gods or Goddesses.
I do what I do
A Do - It  Priest!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

respect the ripples

respect the ripples
the current and it's flow
The many changing forms and shapes
we briefly try to know

Monday, February 15, 2016

Kaleidoscope of the Ventriloquist

see for yourself.

try to look and throw your voice,

as if another were commenting on the mirror reflected  panoramic view through lens and tube.

 play like you mean it, because you do. enjoy the wonder-view!

attempt a dialogue that you intentional keep your lips from moving, animating others with your perception.

Feel what comes back , the returning, the exchange, the Company

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

where the Spirit goes , groupings, dwellings, roads and signs

Much of what I believe to be the Old Pagan,interpreted by New Pagan, is what  I describe as,

a Cult of Maintenance- a belief in mending, fixing and healing Power that exists before and separate from independent intelligent Artists or Creators

 We are all born babies, We are not self created self sufficient independent embodied Spiritual Entities responsible for Our predicament and circumstance.
We are born into this World utterly Naked,Helpless.Unaware
We cannot forget that We are Nursed to Health by another, by Others
curious connection cleaning and claiming, Cultivation-Trade-Service

Animal Husbandry was the technology of the Time long ago, when our language began and our story begins.
Caring for livestock is consistent regular schedule of committed  demanding work.
Getting the Jump on the Day,seizing  opportunity and advantage over the wills of other beings,repetitive drudgery, Labor sense.behavior patterns that are not of ones own making, Traditional cultural  responses of how groups of people , deal with groups of Animals is an inherited system belief, an ancient game and strategy. Religion of Lively-hood.
The ability to Breed is a step above the ability to keep and care for. Castration is the obvious Human interaction in the life development of Animals that we group with us artificially, Primitive population control, group management, social engineering.economic exploitation of Mystic.Mythic  reproduction Mojo  Magic World View of Man and Woman and the culture that they were raised with and  it's own uniquely developed concepts of  fertility of product and productivity, crops, yields , harvests.

The Nursing function being Sacred in the development of all Mammals,
and the aspect to be taken advantage  of by the two legged variety.
Lactation knowledge being the gateway to exploitation of the growing bonding and imprinting behaviors common to the developing minds and appetites of growing identity.
Food and  Skill, knowledge combined with purity,proper preparation/transformation-cream,collected and magically worked into Butter
Arguably one of the first Indo-European  Human Arts! a  Belief or adherence to a System or Process.,extracting and redirecting nourishment, wholesome life force from it's Natural dwelling .place.
 One of the first crafted  products with it's physical value increased by it's sharing! It's spread-ability!
A popular application and common recognition made this a early market commodity,graded on quality, and where it came from.

Fire is something that must constantly be fed or it will die
it is the immediate release  of energy potential . control of it's food and breath keep it alive, in service to those  who service it.It is the opposite of the collector - hoarder- accumulator of energetic wealth, it is Material physical substance  taken out of play in the game of perceived objective reality in this dimension..
It is one of the most impermanent Things We can remember, with the rapid change and transformation of Space- Time- Energy- Matter, It is a different language- dimension - world than Ours with no way to moderate it's own consumption, prevent or postpone an existing chain reaction in progress.

Butter is concentrated food energy that keeps for a while,perhaps the Paleo- Pagan Proto-Product  Perseverance Promotion that came to represent the Creative commodity and coin concepts, such as saving and borrowing , bribery and Buttering up others to smooth the way for the Transaction.
I think there is a line connecting creation and procreation that goes way back in the distance.
The storage or keeping of potential Energy bound and contained
or,- it's expression,exhibition of it's energetic's ability to move freely
What is Brutal what is refined?

 A cult of Makers and a cult of Takers, creating and destroying Human cults of commercialization,communication curvature clairvoyance.
There is the Milky-Way above us ,sometimes  ,and there is a past tradition of wet nurses around us.
 A primary Up - down gravity, full or empty capacity sense.
A fluid energy- Food =Spirit- Power flow, information, Source of Story, circuit, cycle inspiration , intelligent crafting and shaping.building  economy of value, worth , work and place in life.
It's access controlled, It's distribution pathways regulated.
Our View of the way things appear in the Magical Spiritual economic reality of now, or then, is not a product of our inner vision, or imagination ,but a product of what we have been fed with, how we are raised, what surrounds us.what we are being sold, what we are being told,

Increasingly more or all of our information comes from the same channeled and directed artificial path.
It is all powered by the same Energy type that was put into service by Humans a handful of generations ago.
What happens to Our Self directed Soul when something steals our attention?
 eats up our Time? becomes a habit -religion-relationship?
System belief, role loyalty,Identity imprinting and bonding are part of the herd control , animal group management/exploitation aspect delivered in the plastic electronic Things  that connect us, connecting our thoughts, awareness..
.At what point do we recognize that instinct and intuition may not be inherited abilities but are culturally implanted focusing, framing,  finding Friends!      or an Invisible Protector- connector Spirit
a search for relationship that is part of our Mind- Soul- Being.
manufactured system dependence
In My case, the habit of private sketch book and Attic collections that would likely not be seen turned electronic, first as writing on a secret select Druid List, then when I felt my messages and responses should have a more lasting memory and context and illustrations,sharing what I am working on/ with. a potentially anyone- everyone
I start bearing My Druid Soul in a Blog
My Electro- magnetic Butter collection
No Reproduction without Artists Permission
don't be in the habit of milking it for all it's worth!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

To continue- to Care , Cleaning,Feeding ,

 but  unbinding block, on table with Rock Academy play bill, New Yorker subscription and Polish Chocolates
Painting progression energy movement lines and shadow  occupying space, multi dimensional representation on new
Artists are not the only beings that fuss about the arrangement or compositions of their chosen area and focus.
All Living things,
Animals, Plants, Micro Biology of all sorts actively engage with and manipulate their immediate surroundings!

How aware We are of Our Habits,or Life's Habits is the beginning of Social- Nurturing-Hygiene.
Signals are shared between differing life forms through their excrement and respiration.
Smell seems to be the sense most  effective and Magical in perceiving incredibly minute essence of something beyond time and space.
This is the same Psychic telepathy we have naturally up our nose,
 as an insect has with it's antennae on it's head.
The most normal of our paranormal abilities
Olfactory -smell/taste associations that are beyond the normal space reference that we perceive in what we hear or see in a dimensional.plane. Close or Distant, sudden or lingering. the depth of field.,
Pleasant/ unpleasant-comfort/ threat

Our responses are not necessarily thoughtful or voluntary.
Often a part of the like-don't like choice reactive  mechanism we inherit from Life and have no actual say in.
We Modern Humans like to have such intelligent responses that we consider the Wi-Fi a much more accessible communication informational system,
  our House pets would disagree.
There would be no Food Web without the preexistence of the Poop Loop.The active composition reordering that life brings about and leaves behind, the hidden message and meaning of shit.
It is not just an animal thing to speak and listen to the language of poop-stink - identity,-food, territory associations, but bugs and others are  getting some thing out of a conversation that we think beneath us,
that we used to walk away from , now we flush it away.
to a special place distant from where we Eat and Rest and Think.
No longer part of the Body, the System,the Nest, Hive or Home
Grooming instincts have been cultivated in People by Gods and Goddesses and by cleaning up after Livestock.
Spirit and substance ,like light and shadow.
Washing,Cleaning, polishing and shining are surface treatments to bring out the glow of applied care and attention .. they are a taking away of superficial accumulative wear and deposits, a re-composition,or Artistic action, a statement about a special relationship with,
Taking care of Things.
Pagan Personal inner sustenance was not something searched for on line, but was more directly associated with what was in your face, taken into your immediate  being,drinking eating, Comfort was allowing the Spirit into the Body to cleanse with it's healthy regular passage and movement, the emphasis is on the exit as omen of Well being and state of inner  Health or Life Force
Purified? Fortified?Satisfied?
 Perhaps part of our pre-conscious  pan- animist, polytheist Spiritual Sniffer is responding to a culturally reinforced ritual of sharing Meals with others.
Distributing energy
 nurturing renewal, refreshment
the work for others that is the real Pagan Love Magic.
Dealing with crap that is not of our making- Deal with the crap that is of our making, Deal,that is Life

Monday, February 1, 2016

persuasion power,popular entertainment , magic/ fantasy/ imagination,,corporatism ,creativity, ownership, role playing, character creation,magical influence.

water color work in progress ,remotely viewed hydro-electric generator  in near by High falls
Power Flow
My earliest language- culture associations are those of My Home Land, which flew up into Space,and those of the popular musicians on the radio from over the sea.
Accent is special attention and place emphasis in communication qualities, spatial associations, 
closeness- distance 
what is meant, what is understood.
Not what is said, but how it is said.
 Authentic inventive genius
Clever source 
creative expression
Magic and the Art of Making
More than a quality transferred in sounds of voices, recording of music, crossover of  Medias, management and development of Artists of many specialties and talents, directing vectors,products, Markets.
It was not the screening  of the Films in the Theaters but the many repeat broadcasts on Television in My Magical innocence of  developing child hood - skinny dipping in the Pool of the popular imagination

Big Budget Musical fantasy's based on the writing of English Authors 
 Stories about a Magical flying  car or,a Chocolate Factory.
Technology and taste, the soul of artifice.
More authentically Mythically  resonant in their fictional storybook characters than the animated depiction of  Merlin produced by the local Studio turned fantasy kingdom.
My Father briefly worked for that corporate empire after the name sake had passed beyond and had created a World on the East coast after his Land in the West..
Painting animatronic  characters for " It's a small World after all " destined for the new   Park location in Tokyo.
I don't think My Dad lasted a Year , but the stories of what the company was, versus what the public believed them to be,        applied Magic.           Illusion,       Enchantment,           Charm
in a most bogus way
A fake accent.

I was in High School when the Popular Fantasy Film that built up to a  sequel trilogy, then prequel Franchise Family of inter related  themed characters and settings and interactions as applied to all aspects of the story,film,merchandise.
My Son is in High School as the Galactic Battle for Balance of the Force has been purchased by the Multi media entertainment giant his Grand Father worked for, and releases number seven of a interrelated nine Film Projects.
He has access and knowledge of these Worlds through Gaming as much as Cinema or Publications.
He is of a digital wireless World, coming of age with a hand held screen devise connecting him instantly to almost anything,anywhere anytime .Interactive  attractive accessible Light, Intelligence. He is coming from a different place than I did as a child before video recording, or the age of Television of My Parents ,or Radio of My Grandparents,
or the stories before writing of my Old Ancestors
The Dusty VHS cassettes that I treasured and collected, trophy's of a technology passed bye.
A Fan of the Fantastic
Genuine Family
in Electro-Magnetic Space
arrangements of concentrations of oxidized metal  particle bands deposited on long strips of plastic film that recorded time.
A fragmented but undeniable connection exists between the repackaging of Myth and Archetype as Product.
The story is copyrighted, its characters,their world set firm , legally owned and protected property- not the common property-shared resource of the Folk-Pagan-Fan- Public Domain
 When Life imitates Art
Has the concept of  Convention and  Gathering  Centers been channeled directed and managed into being a business, or not being?
Is it the standard  Business of Self Help- Spiritual well being that the customer is always right?
How does one cultivate the realness of sharing an appreciation for the Sacred in a pay per view  or you tube World?
 When does the Managing and directing of collective volunteer  creative contributions take away from the genuine  Purpose and goals of the group?
Does trying to run a group effort, or control group creative energy put one in the awkward  position of rejecting and qualifying novelty and fun in spontaneity?to conform to a reasonable expectation of results?
An Economics of appreciation for  effort and contributions,suggested donations,directed giving.
Positive and negative based on availability and supply complete with ground in Irritable responses to interrupting impulse control , disqualifying or validating the spiritual contribution of another, Magic pressure
stress,creative compression, particularly among those that believe they can look it up in their Monster Manual,or describe and legislate a fund raising body research committee.
When does Fantasy System Belief overtake reality simulation as the original function of Gaming.?
When does an ancient language culture story telling devise of conflict and competition become the basis of Government,
Media informing the electorate with expensive private advertising,a bewildering confusing sponsorship of spectacle in the age of Selfies and social media immediacy ,coronation of corporate comic book influence. fighting for your attention,battling for your vote
Belief, Truth, Fairness,,Fashion-ability of a popular notion of what is dark or light, good or bad,Left or right the way things work ,how the game is played.or how you cheat and break the rules.

Is the accent on Wonder, Hope, Unexplained Magic?or controlling Magic, and the magical perception of others? seeking recognition from an imaginary cultural tribe of your own definition. engineering  possibility, selling spiritual  escapism as a social magical entertainment safe place of your own making, pre-developed .real estate for the limiting of imagination and marketing of product comfort services.There can be no trade mark on Dreaming, No copy right on the recipe of the Fantastic, No holy ownership of the process of Hero Making., adventure Journey story.