Thursday, December 4, 2014

c0ntinUed edge you cay shunning?


The Computer had little to do with My Druid Religious Beliefs and practices.

Now, I take comfort in keeping my druid writings,opinions,thoughts in one place for any body to see.

I  would rather respond thoughtfully on My Blog than on Lists.

More often than not I feel my effort to reply is not rewarded.

So,  with my last Blog Post I share to a List, my thoughts and Link.

I am happy to receive a thanks off list, I plan a thanks for the thanks, but before I do,

I accidentally delete my off list thanks, when over run with the List of another subgroup.

Then I get a reply on list ,followed up with praise for the reply on list,Then another reply on list. seconded praise for the first reply on list this morning.

I am learning about understanding

It May be  the Hinge concept” Sacrifice”Freely given of oneself.

We don’t know what we are receiving from one another.

We are more aware of what is taken,than what is given.

Mistaking the exchanging of gifts as package content comparison competition.

Shapes of Boxes,wrapping, ribbons ,bowswreck of the Swallow

We Know someone accepts a gift if they take it and say thank you, but do they really like it? do they get it?

When something is obligatory does that prevent it from being a genuine measure of appreciation? understanding of the transaction are limited by custom to the appropriate response.

Consensual relations are based on free will

It seems that the computer casts a binary shadow on the way subjects are framed, our response time sped up, our reaction channeled to enthusiastic support or dissenting opinion..

The lists of councils and guilds ,orders and kin

The millions of posts and threads and subjects

Bylaws, programs,

All developed with the authority of a counting tool.

The Content is  based around commentary on a proposal.

Electronic Committees have voted and polled.Passengers directing the Captain.

Have the proposed standards of Work,Sacrifice and Study caused participants of Our Religion  discomfort anxiety and sense of Failing? Has Elevating Priests become more important than the shame felt and perpetuated by the process?

Have we mistaken the approval of a adjusted and amended document for the ancient charm of making!

Is the Feeless  Study Program  institution  God requiring continuous  sacrifice in the form of its choosing?

Is this what I am supposed to be learning, continuing?