Monday, December 8, 2014

Trees and the two dimensional plane


The combination of longevity and stationary life make them  more anchored in Place,

occupiers of Space in this physical realm, this Material World,than We are.

Yet they feed and build up the mass and structure of their solid form and being from the moving dynamic  changing  unfixed energetic other worlds of gas liquid and light.

They are both overt and obvious and underground and mysterious.

returning theme,subject,object

The nature of Being,growing,interior and exterior.

naked trees


Fire ,Well and Tree are recognized by some Neo Pagan Druids as making up the Sacred Center of Our Ritual Space'.

Fire Water and Shelter are old essentials for Immediate Survival.

The Tree is not only the Shelter aspect of survival but the origins of assembly and the domestic cult of comfort.It is the interconnection with surroundings, integration with environment Shared Space,Habitat, Home.,


I painted this group of imaginary Trees in My basement in two sessions.

The first session was establishing a background on the small pre-primed canvas surface, one of many bundled and wrapped in plastic purchased at the Giant craft store.

I was trying to establish an atmospheric color relationship on this flat, thin,, bouncy surface that reminded Me of the Sunset on the Water  that I see coming and going from My Home.


The Second session is the silhouettes of naked Trees,

a simplified suggestion of surface impression, representational illusion

Fore ground, Back ground ,and where we are.

The small finished painting was small enough to be scanned directly and posted on Social Media by My Wife.

Me and My Work

I feel that there is a relationship between our Work,Our Sacrifice, our Way and what we do in this World.

Our Actions and deeds speak more of who we are than our body and face.

Believing that We are contributors, part of it all,valued or appreciated by Others is Magic Food,Spiritual Medicine,Creative Fertilizer.

To Feel overlooked or exploited marginalizes the social bonding of recognition in individuals and communities, Landscapes.

My second basement Painting is Big on Old Heavy Material , scrap from the recording studio,Primed and sanded again and again in the manner I learned as a studio assistant for a now dead master.

The  large canvas  removed from its stretcher sat in the studio for many years.

Exhibition space has become problematic for big Work.I need a stable platform for display.

I painted this on the floor of My basement, screwing it up on the cinder block wall next to My Son’s neglected Drum Kit, and the cats’ second litter box


Winter work in progress

I took a photo of the painting in progress that My Wife Posted on social Media where it was seen and praised in ways that fed Me as an artist,a Druid painting memories of local landscape,Time and Space, light ,color. shadow and form, composition, presence of place, and a love of being part  of it all.