Wednesday, December 31, 2014

for Days of Old Long Since

Apple picking .Class Field Trip

Growing up is not a simple matter of  Self awareness and control.


Acting Our Age,Loving each other.

We are aware of the changes in Others  more than changes in  Our Self

Self Image and Ego,Social persona,environmental footprint.Karmic backside.Cultural Identity.

Our learning about Times passing,and our relation to it.

Teach to reach for connection outside of ones Self.

Season and Harvest ,Year to Year

Older before We know it,before we expect it,or feel it.

It is not about Spiritual preparedness,or Inner belief.

Resolutions or intentions of our Will and Mind.

this is Magic of the Heart,

Folksy future wish projection time in a nostalgic way that we remember, recall times,

The place of imagination and Dream,

Our reality and World View,

The Fruit We gather, and a toast to days gone bye.

An Externalization,an Action made real in this world., one step of many.part of a greater Cycle that got us here.