Friday, December 19, 2014

Delivering the Solar disk


Some of the oldest Art I know of are depictions of the Sun

Petroglyphs scratched into weathered stone of the Solar disk, and the vessel that it moves with .

A Ship or Animal drawn Wagon carries the Sun Wheel on its journey beyond our view.

That is how it gets around.

More than a symbol of Light, Warmth and Value it is the Movement  of Time that is being represented for our eyes to see

Beyond the  Power, the Energy is the craft that guides it on its’ course

A common singular reference, the proto standard of measurement.

Plain as day , What comes around goes around.Monopoly,Monotheism,Mono culture

Cults  build up around the form of the blessing itself but institutions are born from distribution and control of the delivery of Blessing.   The Vehicle.

 We carry the sun disk

The Creation of Coins and Commerce  are bound by the magic religious belief in the token play or action expressed, symbolic value that can be exchanged, redeemed.

Post Pagan Europe is a matter of economic assimilation the Minting of Money is part of the same game, Skilled artisans are paid for their work building Cathedrals named in honor of the Mother ,not the Child, with little metal disks.

Taxing and Tithing are part of the same Idea of justifying the extraction of wealth or resource from locale to sustain and perpetuate the governing body.

Wage from time and place ,Fee, cost. overhead as perpetuated by The ability to profit.and Treasure Hoard.

This is Ancient socio-psychic luggage carried through the Agricultural Kingdoms into the Bank and Finance  Institutions of the Industrial age.

Religion and Money are Cultural expressions.

Holiday is time off Work in My Language.

Annual Holiday Bonus are expected.

Our Cultural expectations are shared within our Trade Community.

This is not the habits of  Peasantry or Nobles but of Warrior Merchants.

Such  charity expressed among Capitalists.

The Material World and the Spiritual World are the Symbolic Coin  and its’ Carrier,

with the hope of upward mobility.

We Pay Our Respect.